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10 ways to learn photography without going to photography school


These days learning photography has become easier, all thanks to the rapid digital transformation happening in India. If you wanted to learn photography 10 years back it would have been very difficult to even imagine considering it as a career option. With the emergence of the digital India initiative, the concept of teaching photography online makes your learning process so easier in just one click.

For many years, most of you have explored the opportunity of either attending a photography school or a workshop but you still feel that something is missing. Wondering what it is? It’s the feeling of excellence and confidence that one needs to build and the satisfaction of one’s learning. There is a saying that practice makes a man perfect, and it’s a fact. Many of you are exploring this industry just like others but the experience varies and that makes the difference.

There is no doubt that a photography school is the best option because it makes your roots stronger by making you understand the history, art, and development of photography. Its certification helps you stand out amongst the competition. But believe it or not, this is not enough. Spending a surplus amount of fees on these classes, buying expensive gears to practice may just be overburdening sometimes. If you want to learn something then first try learning things smartly.

If you think about learning smartly you would wonder why don’t we learn photography online. It's fast, easy, and convenient. You are correct, but there’s more to it. Despite the benefits the online world has, there are many other domains you should consider so that you don't miss out on any good things.

To help you make decisions better, here are the top 10 ways to learn photography better:

1. Know everything about your gear

2. Whether you attend a photography tutorial or workshop, every photography expert will recommend that you should learn the mechanisms of your camera and other gears. Learning everything about it from manuals will help you master the basics and thus, will give you more scope to explore photography better.

3. Watch online tutorials

Photography tutorial is a game-changer in this industry and you know why. With the inception of the online world, if you are not an avid reader then tutorials are the biggest gift for you. With access to countless video tutorials and blogs, you will never run out of options to seek new opportunities.

4. Refer to other portfolios

5. Intriguing things are always found online and especially when you are browsing through portfolios of experts and colleagues, you learn many interesting and inspiring things that help you figure out niches that you want to play around with.

6. Build Network

7. A photography school strengthens your roots but apart from studying other photographer’s work, it's important to hit the streets and create connections and networks. These networks are very essential, it helps you gain valuable skills to have long-term relationships with clients and business partners.

8. Become an apprentice

Many successful industry photographers have said in their interviews that they learned the ropes by joining internships or becoming an apprentice under an expert. If you have a role model, join them, become a part of their project, learn how they overcome their mistakes, failures and come back up with another fight to never lose again.

9. Attend workshops

These are the short-span courses in comparison to photography schools. They’re great for finding internships, discovering styles you love, and making connections. 

10. Join a forum

Apart from workshops, a forum is a nice platform where you should enroll in. The purpose is, the more you get involved or interact with people the more you gain. It will also help you prepare the thought process of joining this growing industry.

11. Enter a competition

Don't think about winning such events. Participate to gain experience while getting critiques on your work. However, even if you don't win, it's a complete win-win situation cos you not only get evaluated by the expert but also get this work done free of cost for which you might have to pay either by enrolling in a workshop or class.

12. Try different genres

Restricting yourself to one genre will make you end up stuck in terms of thinking out of the box, and become less creative than you are, try practicing different genre techniques and understand how to improvise them with your niche-related practices.

13. Practise is all you need

Follow as many photographers as possible on social pages, learn photography online by attending photography workshops or tutorials, work under experts are just some important tricks you should try to gain some knowledge. But most of all the best technique to master photography is self-learning that can only work if you give your hundred percent to it.

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