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5 Mothers Day Photoshoot Ideas


The lockdown is upon us again and taking our mothers out for a dinner date or a shopping spree seems a far-fetched idea to celebrate this lovely occasion. So, what else can you do to make this special day even more memorable? Well, you can obviously buy something for your moms or cook their favourite dish as a gift, but all this is a bit ordinary. Don’t worry, we have a perfect idea that will not only help you make your mothers feel adored that day, but she will also have a souvenir from your day together. Here are some amazing mothers day photography tips you can follow to create some magical memories with your mom.

1. Plan ahead The day before mother’s day photoshoot, plan the whole shoot first. It includes finalising the location, dresses, checking whether you want to use props, and most importantly, making sure you have lots of food and drinks so that none of you have to worry about cooking! The better you are prepared, the smoother your photoshoot would be.

2. Put on your photographer hat There is no doubt that professional photographers know a lot of portrait photography tips and are great at their job, but this day is something special. The emotional connection and warmth for each other create magic that no photographer might be able to match. Furthermore, they could be heavily booked and might have a long waiting list. So, buckle up and capture all the memories yourself. After all, the point is to spend some quality time with your mother and do something fun together. Even if you are a beginner, there are hundreds of photography tutorials that will help you prepare for the shoot.

3. Themes Do not settle for the old ‘sitting on a couch’ family portraits or posing for the camera. They just look forced and boring, to be precise. Have fun! Enjoy and create moments of love and laughter. Candid shots and close-ups are great to capture the essence of the mother-child bond. You can switch it up and play with different themes like pin-up mother-daughter look, dancing in the garden, playing in the bed with mom, matching outfits from head-to-toe, etc. Look up on Pinterest some mothers day photoshoot ideas and you will garner a lot of inspiration.

4. Background and lighting Zoom in and use the lowest aperture number you can set and shoot. This will help you create a blur effect for the background while getting crisp portraits. Wanna hear a bonus benefit of zooming in for your portraits? In addition to blurring the background, it also compresses faces slightly to give a flattering look. These portrait photography tips will come in handy when you are clicking close-ups of mother and children. Not everyone is a professional photographer or has a photo studio, so the best alternative is to head outside. Lighting plays a huge role in photography. The best time to take photos outside is sunset or sunrise when the lighting is soft and orangish. It is most flattering for portraits and adds warmth to your pictures. If you must do your mothers day photography in the middle of the day, look for shade or shoot on a cloudy day.

5. Photography tutorial There is nothing you cannot learn online, especially nowadays when the content creators are eagerly spreading knowledge and helping people develop skills from the comfort of their homes. You don’t necessarily have to watch videos online, you can also read a bunch of photography blogs and join photography communities to expand your pool of knowledge and exchange tips and tricks with fellow photography enthusiasts.

Another mother photography trick is to capture her when she is most comfortable and in her zone. This will help you frame the true essence of your mom in a photo. Hope this inspires you to plan your mother’s day with a unique twist and helps you delight your mom on the day dedicated to her charm, strength, love, selflessness, and power. One bonus tip for you. Get yourself the Lumix S5, the camera that will enhance your portrait photography and videography experience and help you capture every shot with limitless possibilities.

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