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5 Night Time Wedding Photography Tips


Wedding is a booming industry and while it was also hit on a low during the pandemic, it has picked up quickly and situation got better and so has wedding photography.

There are plethora of wedding photography tips available everywhere online and both offline, however, wedding photography during night time is a concept that many couples love but is challenging for photographers and videographers all over the world. Photography during the night is perhaps one of the biggest challenge one faces even if you have a good low light camera by top brands, that is why many people resort to wedding photography tips for that.

Couple shots or wedding photography at night is one way to impress your clients, you may be a little exhausted of shooting during the day but this is the best way to wrap up the day.. Night wedding photography may be a little more relaxing than the day because all you need is the couple, it is also a good time away from the crowd and have some quiet time.
However, given the fact that it will be dark, you will be needing some gears along with your camera in order to pull off night wedding photography.
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The tips to wedding photoshoot at night is no different from any other photoshoot that happens at night of course it will be an intimate affair if no friends or family tag along, but it is usually of just the couple. You can make use of any night photography tips that you may know from before. The shoot indoors is still manageable because of the ample light options but for outdoors you need to pull your socks up. Outdoor night photography also usually involves lighting, well, in fact, different lighting scenarios. But in this read we will talk about more than just lighting, we will add more to the many  night photography tips that will come in handy for your future projects as well. This type of photography is good for your portfolio as you can diversify it and put light on your wedding photography skills.

Here are 5 night time photography for wedding or couple shoots that will take you a long way:

1) Experiment with different angles
There is a stark different between night shoot and day shoot. At night be open to try different poses and angles that you might not use during the day. angels hat also acknowledge the  presence of the surrounding and the ambience. Incline your shoot more towards wide angles so as to minimise any shake giving you a great exposure. Night time photography is for banking on lights coming from streets , buildings and so on so add new dimensions to your picture.

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2) Utilize Flash
In wedding scenes, lighting can be overwhelming but if it is an outdoor shoot as mentioned earlier, extra gears like bringing your own light can be of great help. you can include different types of flash and off camera lighting equipment to create a unique night couple photography.

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3) Adjust shutter speed
You can adjust your shutter speed to 10” for starters and ca speed up or down depending on how much surrounding light is there.

4) Check your ISO
Set your ISO to 1600, as you increase your ISO the image becomes brighter, there might be chances of noise but if you use a nice camera you can definitely make a good picture of it.

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5) Pick the perfect camera
Last, but not the least, picking the right camera is what will get your same strong. Some of the best low light cameras from Lumix are Lumix S1R, Lumix S1, Lumix GH5 and Lumix GH5S. Once you use these, you will never go back. If you want to know more about the products, you can click here: https://www.panasonic4kimagingclub.com/#productrange

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Night couple photography will get better one wedding photography at a time, you just have to keep on practicing and experimenting with lights whenever you get the chance. If you are looking for more tips and tricks for wedding photography at night then you can also join the Panasonic Lumix photography community and connect with experts and peers who will guide you through the whole process. To join click here: https://www.panasonic4kimagingclub.com/about-us/

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