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5 ways to learn new photography tips and trick


Photography has changed perspective for many photographers out there. You will definitely agree on the fact that the digital ways of learning and experiencing photography have made it simpler and seamless to be a part of the industry without facing a hassle.

Be it learning new photography tips and tricks or attending sessions by experts, everything is available online.

The problem arises when you don’t grab the opportunity to its full potential and thus, in turn, face trouble to excel in any genre you are struggling with for long. Considering such a situation, many famous photographers in India have become a part of community pages of renowned brands and help other fellow photographers.

A photography community is the best source to explore this industry but it’s also important to explore the things beyond the zone of the community such as tutorials available on YouTube, photography courses, workshops, and many more.

The purpose of seeking out new learning opportunities is because there can be so many things that you can learn when explored on a personal level. For example, if you want to learn something about vlogging, photography tutorials are more effective than a review or community discussion. This is the reason our community also entails photography tutorials especially on YouTube where our mentors serve detailed information about different photography genres so that you can experience photography from a different lens that helps you explore things better.

Making the right decisions is what we always strive for you and in order to help you learn new photography tips and tricks better, here are the top 5 ways you can practice:

Credits: Akash Saxena

1. Become a critic of yourself

Every day challenge yourself and set some goals because you are your own teacher. The more you access yourself, the more you will learn about your weaknesses. No matter whichever genre you are mastering, the best technique is to practice, learn from your mistakes, and then try again.

2. Switch mode to manual

Stop panicking from practicing photography while shooting on manual mode and it is ok if you make mistakes. Manual mode teaches you to explore the exposure triangle better and once you master this technique you are 99% ready to shoot difficult situations with ease. Don’t be dependent on your camera privileges, try to master it as if it didn’t have any and then see the change in your performance.

3. Learn to best use the inbuilt camera editing features

You must hate this technique of sharpening your photography skills but we understand why you hate it because it requires a lot of editing to create a perfect output. The best composition is not when it is captured in one click, but rather it is when a photographer edits it with his/her signature style. A photography community is always there to guide you such things but it's up to you how seriously you practice this feature.

Credits: Andy Vitali

4. Get creative

The famous photographers in India started with capturing simple compositions to presenting their artistic versions of the same because they never resisted the challenge themselves and experiment. To bring out more detail in a composition is what you should always aspire for, but it can only happen when you give in your full focus.

Credits: Mohit Mehta

5. Learning can make you a highlight

When you try practicing genres that require both indoor and outdoor expertise like vlogging what is the first thing you should know that is common in both situations? It is the light that can make your subject look perfect or dull irrespective of whichever camera you use. The best way to learn light photography is to practice it both indoors and outdoors during different intervals of the day and always try to use the resources around you to create more creative outputs.

You may have fewer gears, funds, or even a place to photograph but don’t let it overcome your passion. Try these photography tricks and tips, make mistakes, learn from them and repeat. This can only happen when you see it with the right tenacity.

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