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What are the different online photography courses available? Read to find out the answer.


You might have typed in ‘photography classes near me’ in the search engine plenty of times if you are looking for learning the photographic skills. Although it seems best to learn face to face in a studio or classroom from a mentor, but not everyone has the time to take out from their busy college or work schedule.

From pre-wedding shoots, professional portfolios, wedding photographs to baby showers and much more, people are ready to pay more and more for capturing those memories in a perfect frame. Professional photographers are always updating their portfolio, even if you are a hobbyist, it is always fun to learn new skills.

2020 has seen a surge in enrollment in online photography courses provided by various online learning platforms as well as colleges and universities all around India. If you do not want to spend much on these courses and want to learn photography by utilizing various resources available online, this blog is for you.

    1. 1. Photography workshops
      These are a great means of learning from numerous industry experts where you can interact with them as well as with the fellow shutterbugs. If you too have developed a love for photography and want to learn the techniques, workshops are your knight in shining armor. Panasonic 4K Imaging Club has various photography workshops for you to enhance your skills and capture the perfect shots. Panasonic has organized plenty of workshops in the past as you can check on their website. They keep updating their site for upcoming photography workshops as well, so make sure you keep checking that out.
  1. 2. Photography Blogs
    You can find extremely informative blogs about anything and everything. Do you want to understand how your camera works or learn about its features? Check out ‘Everything you need to know about S-Series DSLM cameras.’ Have you already explored every feature of your DSLM? Want to learn some secret tips and tricks to take your photos to the next level? Here are some photography tips and tricks no one told you about.

Professional photographers and videographers, along with photography workshops, have their own blogs where they share their words of wisdom. They contain a lot of first-hand knowledge they have garnered over the years working in the field.

  1. 3. Follow the Experts
    “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Absolutely apt for the eye of a photographer. You can learn a lot by following expert photographers, photojournalists, cinematographers on their social media or their work online. Panasonic 4K Imaging Club has assembled their own expert panel. These experts have years of experience mesmerizing the world with their photography and will surely impress you with their portfolio.

  2. 4. YouTube Tutorials
    What can you not learn from YouTube? You can find people from all professions be it photographers, video editors, graphic designers, videographers, journalists, or illustrators on this platform sharing video tutorials for you learn. It is not just a terrific way to put your art out in the world, but also to make a good buck from it. YouTube has emerged as a go-to quick tutorial guide for people.
    Lumix India frequently uploads Lumix Lessons as well as reviews and tutorials on their channel. You can also get updates about the latest releases and camera specifications and features if you are looking to get one.

When you have access to hundreds of webinars and workshops from extremely talented and experienced photographers, googling ‘Photography classes near me’ seems a bit outdated, isn’t it? India is the second largest online market in the world with over 560 million internet users that are estimated to reach 650 million by 2023. People with access to the internet and affordable smartphones can utilize these online resources without emptying their pockets.

If you still want to opt for an online course in addition to these great alternatives, read about the booming online photography courses in India.

“Photography is the new language, read and written by all people, regardless of their spoken language or their literacy level.” - Dayanita Singh

With the emergence of e-commerce websites, finding affordable cameras or photography equipment that fits your needs the best has become a piece of cake. Photography is not just a hobby anymore for the Indian youth. People have accepted and beautifully utilized it as a way of expression and exploration.

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