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A camera that enables the artist in me to express without compromise


This was the first time I’ve tried any full frame mirrorless camera, Lumix S1 is Panasonic's first sally in it. The high quality heavy alloy body of this camera makes you feel like it can last for long and keeps it steady. The very first look and touch gives you feel like a professional camera. It is truly a photographer’s camera.

The textured grip on the right hand is huge and deep making it easy to handle while shooting. The adjustment dials are perfectly located on the body which makes it very accessible while shooting. You can feel the thought that has gone behind the designing of the camera.

Even in low light looking through the high resolution EVF gives joy and makes this camera class apart. It makes you feel like you are right there, in the frame. The settings can be easily changed without getting hassled thanks to the touch screen capabilities of this camera. I’m also impressed by the AF button which reacts in less than one second. It lets me focus on the composition rather than the technical aspects.

I personally love the burst mode, it can take more than 90 raw images in a single burst. You can grab the moment you’re meant to catch at its absolute best. The ISO can go up to 51200, a blessing for people who prefer to shoot in low light without getting any grain in the image.

The animal detection function gives wonderful results if AFC is selected. Animals and birds, moving or static the pictures will be undoubtedly impressive.

As I said before, the Lumix S1 is a photographer’s camera. The design and the intuitive auto focus are my highlights, along with the ergonomic grip. The colour reproduction too is impressive and I think this camera is a step-up for those looking to upgrade to a professional mirrorless full-frame camera. It truly allows the artist in me to express without compromise.

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