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Ace up your photography ante for Ganesh Chaturthi


The beauty of the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi is a visual spectacle held across the states of India, majorly in Maharashtra. Amidst the celebration, we must say that photography plays an important role, from capturing artists spending a lot of days creating absolutely stunning idols of Lord Ganesha to the procession through India’s busy streets. There is immense satisfaction and enthusiasm in capturing the beauty of colorful statues of the deity, beautifully decorated pandals, vibrant celebrations, and a final holy immersion ceremony during this 10-day event.

Ganesh Chaturthi though lasts only for 10 days we retain its memories lasts for a lifetime through photographs. This impulse to save our recorded memories tells us much about our constant desire to preserve our most precious moments. We bring you a few tips to capture this mega grand event.

Find a vantage point – A point that gives a clear view of the festival, preferably a building would be best suited.

Choose the correct type of lenses – From capturing close-up shots to minute details, from high-shutter speeds to wide-angle shots, one should always opt for the appropriate lenses for the desired images.

Amazing low light performance – The correct camera with amazing low light performance will help you with keeping all hues mostly intact. This will further

enable you to capture the best shots even with traumatic lights or in dark.

Find a focus – To capture the best shots of the dancers, the musicians, the kids, even the volunteers, it is very important that your camera provides with the expected focus and high-resolution images.

Carry two cameras if required - A wide-angle lens to capture scale, and another one calibrated for close-ups. Carrying two cameras can help you achieve the desired shots

The Ganesh Chaturthi is only the beginning of a long festive season, and we are committed to bring you a few tips on every occasion. Happy shooting!

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