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Annie Griffiths x lumix s1R

“America’s storied west is known for its open spaces and grand vistas, none grander than the Grand Canyon itself. Standing on the rim, it seems impossible to capture, in a still photograph, the exquisite detail of this massive canyon carved by the mighty Colorado River. Until now. Only a rugged camera, with extraordinary high-resolution, can render both the scale and the detail of this geological wonder. It was a perfect place to try my new LUMIX S full-frame camera and the lens.

Sunrise and sunset are magical times at the canyon, and the challenge is to hold details in the piercing amber highlights of the sun’s arrival, as well as the deep shadows in the canyon itself. The LUMIX S 24-105mm lens captured it all. Detail in everything from the smallest pebble to the expansive canyon walls are faithfully reproduced.

Descending from the rim and across the carved landscape are thousands of hidden caves and slot canyons. Hidden in the cool darkness of these caves is a rainbow of geological history. Layer upon layer of sediment and striations tell the story of wind and water. The colors are simply breathtaking. Worming my way through the cramped canyons, I found the perfect wide setting for the composition.

Working with such a flexible camera system, that can render the extraordinary detail of these geological wonders, is so exciting. I can’t stop planning where I should go next time with my LUMIX S gears.”

Annie Griffiths

One of the first women photographers to work for National Geographic, Annie Griffiths has photographed in nearly 150 countries during her illustrious career. She has worked on dozens of magazine and book projects for National Geographic, including stories on Lawrence of Arabia, Galilee, Petra, Sydney, New Zealand, and Jerusalem.ppines

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