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Apply these 7 Nature photography tips on your next adventure


Cameras have a way of immortalising a moment, place, time and people, same goes for nature too, the thing we have been missing throughout 2020, specially for people living in metro cities. Every photographer will agree if we say that we are itching to travel to get some nature photography done and put to use the nature photography tips that we have learned during lockdown. Well if you haven’t learned, that is also fine because we have listed some of them. But before you venture into the many tips we have in store for you need to have your own source of finding these from.

Nature photography tips can be learned from different experts, YouTube tutorials, peers and websites. However, brands like Lumix has a whole community dedicated to creating and learning fuelled by people from all over the world who share the passion of photography. If we may one of the best way of learning photography tips and tricks are through communities like this who are accessible and who will clear all your doubts there and then. And while we are still at it, the webinars that Lumix organises every week is much talked about in the industry because of the versatility of subject touched by the Lumix Luminaries, wondering who the luminaries are? Check them out here: https://www.panasonic4kimagingclub.com/photography-experts/

If you follow this photography community, you will get to learn more about photography than you ever have. Now, coming back to nature photography tips, we have assembles some that is a must do on your next trip.

1. Always carry wide angle lens with you https://www.instagram.com/p/CHQT0l_JGIa/

One of the first and foremost photography tips is that the pictures of the environment and the view is always wide- open and your camera must do justice to this open space. Lenses offer a sense of depth. You can also use faster shutter speed as it permits more light to enter the frame.

2. Focus on your subject
In nature photography, it is important you know your subject and understand it so that you can snap it better. If you spot a furry friend it is important to study its movement so you know the perfect time and place without the fear of disturbing their wellbeing.


3. Use longer focal lengths
Nature photography is all about balancing act, if your interest lies in filming the animals mostly then longer focal length will come in handy with improved magnification. We cannot ignore the risk that comes along wondering around nature be it animals of heights so this long focal length has always got your back. https://www.instagram.com/p/CEjgZCnp-nQ/

4. Always use RAW Format
Many photographers who are beginners don’t use RAW format, the reason may be coz it takes up a lot of memory card space. But this should not be the case and is also one of the rules of photography tips and tricks. A RAW image produces unprocessed final product, that means you have many pixels with you during editing post snapping. So just don’t go all Jpeg on your next trip.

5. Make use of Natural light
Sure the sunset and sunrise lighting tops it all, but there are some greens which look more mesmerising. The golden hour and the blue hour will no doubt give you composition just as you imagined. Although it is still advised that you carry your flash, because there might be situations when you need it.

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