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Attend Photography School vs. Learn Photography Online - Which is Better?


A lot has changed since Covid 19 hit the world. From playing with the neighbourhood kids to Netflix and Chill, from bunking lectures with friends and attending a few to online classrooms, the pandemic has flipped our whole lifestyle. Learning photography is not an exception in this scenario. Since lockdown, many websites/brands/ institutions have started offering online photography courses free for anyone who wants to learn. But how does it compare to classrooms? Here is what we think-

1. Safety

1We have witnessed growing numbers of people who have contracted the virus and people who have even lost their lives battling it. One thing everyone would agree is that nothing should be taken lightly. Photography school might sound better as you get to physically meet other fellow photography enthusiasts and have face to face interactions with the mentor, but keeping the current scenario in mind, it might put you and your family in danger.

If you have the will, you can learn photography online from the abundance of resources available on the internet. From basics to advanced level photography tips and tricks, all you need to do is look for it.

2. Hands-on experience

While online photography tutorials or classes are great, there is one limitation to them. When you are attending school, the camera and all other equipment are made available to you during the class to practice what you have been taught. This makes sure that all the students, whether they own a camera or not, get to use and play with the camera and its settings themselves.

On the other hand, if you want to practically use the camera while you learn photography online, you must buy one yourself. Learning online is cheaper in terms of tuition fees, but you need to invest in a camera to be able to try out the functions yourself and to practice.

Credits: Nanda Wardhana

3. Convenience and Comfort

Just like any other school, you have to get up, get ready and reach the Photography School and be physically present at a given time. You have to manage your time and tasks as per your class timings. It depends on the availability of the mentor, classroom space, free slot for you to get admission to the school, camera and equipment, etc. On the contrary, if you have enrolled yourself on any of the websites that provide online photography courses free of cost, they usually have flexible learning hours. Not just that, whether you are in your pyjamas or under your blanket, you can learn photography whenever you like, from wherever you like.

4. Online Resources

There is nothing you cannot find online with the boom in technology and internet usage. This can be easily witnessed with just a search on the internet. Simply type in ‘online photography courses free’ on your browser and hundreds of results will pop up. If you are a part of the Panasonic 4K Imaging Club, you can access numerous blogs, workshops and follow many experienced professional photographers that would definitely teach you a trick or two. You are exposed to multiple platforms, professionals, and perspectives online. If you are learning photography from a school, you can interact with a lot of fellow students to share your experiences and exchange knowledge, but most of the time, you have only one mentor or guide who takes you through the course. Even in this scenario, you go back to photography tutorials and online resources to learn more.

Credits: Saket Wahane

Our recommendation to you is that if you are genuinely passionate about photography, there is no harm in investing in a good camera. Lumix S5 is a great choice for photography as well as videography purposes and if you are a vlogger or want to start your own YouTube channel, there is nothing that will prove to be a better companion than Lumix G100. Hope this helps you get a clearer perspective about which is a better option if you want to learn photography.

If you want to start slow, you can start to learn photography online and when you are more invested in the profession and have a better understanding of the basics, you can always enroll in a school.

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