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#BalanceforBetter with photography


It’s twilight in one of the most bustling cities in the world. A woman, walks around the by-lanes - a little scared, a little defiant. This solitude is her usual state of being. This rebellion is her usual modus operandi. She journeys down roads that are not often seen as safe. She travels to places not considered her domain. She treks, she climbs, she runs, she rafts. She loses herself in the moment. She discovers herself in her struggles. She wants to capture life the way she wants to. But she discovers the world is loaded against her. There are male bastions and there are glass ceilings stopping her. It is an uphill battle. She finds herself getting confined to her solitude. She finds herself being overwhelmed by her rebellion. So what can a lone woman do? She is of course still battling with the rebellious solace seeker within. Well, she picks up a camera. With her camera she captures what the world has in store for those who dare to dream. With her photographs she shows the world how a woman who dares to follow her dream can change the planet. Through her art she shows the world what a woman is capable of. Through her expression she shows the potential of the balanced world. There is a quiet revolution brewing in the world of photography. A revolution to reclaim the rights that have been unknowingly abrogated. A revolution to discover the balance that has been lost. Women photographers everywhere are raising the clarion call to showcase the ubiquitous discrimination against women. In raising this very important issue, they go back to the original construct of balance. A balance that makes the world better. A balance that takes everyone along. A balance that brings stability. Lumix India celebrates this spirit of bringing balance and says it’s time we Balance For Better! So go out and grab that camera to start changing the world, because, let us face it this world can do with some balancing. To know all about the Panasonic Lumix range of mirrorless cameras you can visit:

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