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A photography portfolio website creates an identity online for professional photographers of all genre. For a photographer, portfolios are the first opportunity to impress your prospective client so everything in the platform must be thoughtfully designed. The basic check list of photography portfolio website usually includes:

See that your portfolio is easy to navigate.

Make sure your branding is on point.

Genre division:
If you have an expertise in more than one type of photography, you should make different themes for the same. If you mis all these genres it will make your portfolio look cluttered and confusing. So, it is important to make sure you divide your photography portfolio website accordingly.

Contact details:
Your contact details must appear in every scroll or once at the top and once at the bottom. You must be easily reachable and your TAT must be as fast as possible before the client changes their mind and starts looking for some other option. This is one of the best ways to maintain a rapport with your customers.


Photography tips and tricks:
You can share the tips and tricks you have learned over the years to gather more people in your portfolio and to keep on making them come back to your website. This can be done through videos and blogs with images. However, as the videos have a different platform like Youtube and Vine you can always make do with some few blogs about different genres of photography.

To elaborate the last point further, photography tips and tricks in your portfolio can add value, because you are sharing a knowledge with someone. This will probably lead you to a workshop or you may get invited for webinar sessions. However, here are some pointers you can add in your photography portfolio website of tips that can help curb the challenge that photographers of different genres face.

Let’s start with

Wedding Photography tips
Here you can talk about how to create a shot list first after doing a recce of the wedding location. Getting to know the family and coordinating for the family photo. There are so many things that can go wrong on the wedding day most importantly the lighting, so it is important to mention finding the right place where the natural light is also good to go as well as the lighting at night, this is one of the most important part of wedding photography tips. Getting to know the couple should be a priority too before anything starts.

Portrait photography Tips
Portrait photography sounds like a simple art but it has a lot of depth to it. Talk about the right technique and the subject’s expression to start off. It is about emotive portrait that evokes feelings on the onlooker so the focus should always be on the subject. Talk about how to get the pose, angle and the light right as per the subject’s body in your portrait photography tips. Must mention taking candid shots, and every change of expressions on the face of the subject. Its is important to establish that you cannot force a subject to laugh, smile, or express any kind of emotion. It will have to be a natural process as per the environment and location you choose. You can also point out the importance of picking the right location in your portrait photography tips.

Night Photography Tips
Night photography could be the most challenging photography if one doesn’t have the right gear, so you can suggest some cameras that you personally have used. Here, you can talk about how one can start by using manual mode, and set the right shoot mode using shutter speed, aperture and ISO. Your list of night photography tips should include, the importance of shooting in RAW format. As you begin to list down your night photography tips make sure you upload an example shot along with the aperture, ISO and shutter speed used in the picture.

Landscape photography tips
Landscape is one of the loved photography in the world not only do you have the opportunity to travel to exotic locations but you also have the freedom to bring out your creative in many ways. But one of the top point you should mention in your landscape photography tips is that one needs to be patient and not to get lazy because it will take one the whole day. Besides and exemplary shot that you have taken yourself, you must also mention how long it took for you to take that particular shot. None the less, you have to talk about the best use of light from sunrise to sunset.

Nature photography tips
Nature photography is the most beautiful type of photography one can experience. This is why it is important to mention that one has to do justice with the beautiful colors accordingly. In nature photography tips, make sure that one picks the right lens for nature, mention the use of longer focal length – zoom lens with. Wide aperture, etc. Macro photography also gets interesting, do list out the do’s and don’ts too.

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