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A photographer's mind doesn't need to go outside to get creative. One can spot a striking object and use it like a muse to create drama and mystery. Once confined to a space the photographer's mind wanders in imagination and creates magic in every space he/she lives in.

Lumix India is celebrating the art of Miniature Photography with a new photo contest #MiniatureswithLumix for the users of professional cameras. All you have to do is submit your best shots by treating everyday objects at home or toys of your children as your subjects in focus. Arrange them in a way that it looks like a real life scenario, take the most creative picture from a professional camera inside your home and upload it on our website. Yes, it's that simple!

We will post the best entries on our official social media handles and give you a shout-out too!

Hurry! Valid from 18th May to 8th June 2020. Stand a chance to win a 32inch LED TV worth more than INR 15k.


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