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Essential vlogging equipment and tips for beginner vloggers


Vlogging today is more than just a hobby, it has become a career for many people today. Vlogging has opened many doors of opportunities. With the increase in the availability of  vlogging equipment and courses online, many photographers have converted their careers from other genres to this field. The reason is because of the trend and necessity of the current scenario. As a photographer, there are a lot of challenges you get to face no matter if you are a beginner or professional. In every stage of this industry, competition rises and the best thing you need right now is a camera that takes care of everything you aspire to do in your vlogging career.

Today, you have access to many online photography courses that teach many interesting aspects of photography, and the best part is when you complete such courses, these certification grants you a privilege to enroll for better jobs or business opportunities. But due to increasing competition, self-exploration is lost for many and that is where vlogging steps in. It channelizes your expression, emotions, and thoughts, all through your video content. Such a profession has changed the perspective of many. But the problem arises when you have to figure out which gear to choose, which tips to follow, and so on. This problem is very common when you get access to so much data online.

To help you streamline your career in vlogging, first, let’s understand which is the best vlogging camera in India. Panasonic Lumix understands your needs and thus, takes up the responsibility to present to you Lumix G100, a small, compact, yet robust camera, perfect to meet your needs with its amazing internal and external features.  

This gear is perfect for everyone and if you are thinking do you need anything else with this gear. The answer is “no.” But in case if you would like to know more what essentials you should carry in case if you need to experiment with this gear are:

1) Camera with a tripod

Thanks to our latest edition, all you got to do is set up this gear wherever you want and stream/ record videos as per your terms. A tripod gives more focus and clarity to your videos and compositions, also, perfect for every situation. This is the reason it is also the best vlogging equipment for beginners so that they never compromise with their shots.

Credits: Panasonic Australia

2) Microphone

Our Lumix G100 has an in-built ozo audio voice tracker that can sense your voice from any direction and thus makes it easier for you to shoot and communicate without thinking about the audio. This is an amazing internal feature that changes your perspective of shooting constantly without checking the recordings again and again.

3) Lighting

Vlogging can be done indoors too or in low light conditions. With access to external light function on the camera, you don’t need an additional light that brings out your subject or yourself in the spotlight with enough light to stream or record with great clarity.

Now when it comes to tips, let’s start with basics that you would have always studied during online photography courses:

1) Keep your goals straight 

Content will come out good if you know what you have to create and what the demand of your audience is. 

2) Focus on quality

Thinking of uploading 10-20 videos at one go and expecting a good response from the audience for it? The answer is no. Each content should be unique, fun, and interesting, it should also be posted on relevant days. This can only happen when you plan and prioritize your tasks

3) Talk to your camera like a friend

Just consider your camera as your friend and talk the best of your ideas in the first 15 sec because that is the only time you have to retain your audience. In this case, you don’t need any additional vlogging equipment, just your Lumix G100.

4) Talk to the lens rather than to the camera

Getting confused between where to look either a mic, camera, flip screen, or lens? The right answer is the one and only lens. Looking on any side will make your audience feel you are not interested in talking. This is the reason our G100 is an all-rounder vlogging equipment for beginners.

With all the above information it is only fair that you have nothing but the best vlogging camera in India to pursue our camera for your vlogging journey. If you want to know more, you can enroll in online photography courses that can help you further but remember, they are only fruitful when you prepare yourself with the right gears and as one of the top brands in the camera industry, all you need is the Panasonic Lumix G100. To know more

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