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Lumix community of photographers are known by the name Panasonic 4K imaging club, if you haven’t heard about this photography community yet, then this is the best read for you. First, let’s talk about how being a part of a community is much better than individual journey in this industry. Online photography community is one of the best way these days to stay in touch with your people who share the same interest with you, in this case we are talking about photography community that will always be available for you. Sharing your passion with people from all over the world who go same kind of challenges that you face can be very helpful in your endeavour. When you are not a part of the community, you seek for answers elsewhere, but it may not prove to be as helpful or fruitful. Whereas your online photography community will not only help you but will show you secret locations that make a great shot, like waterfalls, or undiscovered hilltops, etc. There is not a single person who doesn’t love to chat about their hobby to others and that joy doubles when you meet someone with the same interest. That is your photography community for you.

Let’s get to know the community better so that we can help you understand the different advantages that you have when you are a part of it.

• A Place you can call home A community where you will feel like home is hard to find, but here we bring the community to you - Panasonic 4K imaging club. The Lumix community is where people feel like they are finally home. Once you join, all professionals and amateurs alike, can share their photos and videos and have your own gallery. There are one too many benefits you can enjoy when you become a part of Panasonic community.

• Meet the experts One of the top most learning experience you will get is learning from Lumix luminaries who are all experts in the field of photography. From landscape photography, fashion to cinematography , these experts are one of the famous photographers in India and you will only have so much to take away from them. You can follow them on social media and watch their expert reviews whenever a new Lumix camera is launched. They offer an in depth understanding of each function and the difference from the other models as well. When it comes to maintaining your camera, they will also guide you through how you can clean the camera. As a part of Lumix community you will also learn from them about the different accompanying equipment you can use with your model camera and which is the best one.

• Be the first to know about webinars and workshops Even when the whole world was in lockdown Lumix did not stop its workshops , the offline workshops shifted online through video conferencing. With Panasonic community, your learning will never stop. Ever since the country went on lockdown

in march, Lumix has organised many webinars touching different topics and has enriched the audience with knowledge about different genres of photography. Not only this but a lot of people learned Photography tips and tricks through Instagram live sessions. If you want to be the first to know about all these important news and add more to your photography skills you should join this community because the newGro normal is all about staying online, therefore, the popularity of photography workshops in India is increasing day by day.

• Building portfolio One of the best take away in Lumix Community is interacting with fellow photographers, taking note of different styles, and most importantly building your Photography portfolio website. This is beneficial on an individual level. Alone you may be confused or you may have seen too many portfolios to decide how you want yours to be, but through excellent shots you have taken in your project you will be able to build your brand and perfect photography portfolio website that will help you in your business and grow your career.

• Future business and partnerships A professional photography community like Panasonic 4K imaging club has immense opportunity to get to know people and garner more clients through contacts. If you just began your business in photography you may find your business partner in among the community itself. Even the most famous photographers in India has taken j=help from their communities and contacts to get in touch with the best clients.

Now that you know about Panasonic 4K imaging club Wait no more, join this online photography community there are more things in store for you to explore.

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