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Can I use my camera for live streaming?


You cannot just plug the camera into a computer via USB and expect it to stream video. These cameras aren't webcams, by themselves. However, if you want to stream video to your computer or to the internet, it can still be done, but you'll need to buy a separate video capture device to allow that. There are many of these types of devices on the market, what you're looking for is something that will input video (either composite video, or HD-SDI or 3G-SDI digital video, HDMI) and convert it to digital video on your computer. Example products may include an internal capture board such as the BlackMagic Intensity Pro, or a USB-connected external device such as the Pinnacle Studio USB MovieBox. You'll also need web-streaming software, such as BroadCam Live Video Streaming Software. It's not a one-step solution like a webcam, you'll have to research the software and hardware combination to find something that does what you want, and works on the computer platform you have.