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Finding inspiration indoors with Lumix


“Every cloud has a silver lining” and this couldn’t have made more sense than now or given the worst weather conditions when it comes to photographers. The creative minds of the creators are unstoppable and this is when you have to open another dimension of ingenuity by finding inspiration on things around us indoor.

While there are already different genre’s in photography that involves being indoor, we are here to look at it in a broader spec. Your home has undiscovered corners and inspiration and here’s how you can make the most of staying home.

1.Food Photography:
Food Photography Tips - Quarantine Ideas
While being at home can also lead to spending more time in the kitchen cooking bringing the chef in you out you can combine that with photography and click attractive pictures. What can come in handy, is the well-lit kitchen or light coming through the windows. Look for props like wooden chopping board or a white bowl, green vegetables or spices and your shot is good to go.

2.Pets: Pet Photography Tips - Quarantine Ideas
While they act like a therapy for us every day, when they are in being their cute self with the right light flashing on their eyes you can click and excellent shot with a shallow depth of field. Monochrome works wonders too.

3.Window shots:
Portrait Photography Tips - Quarantine Ideas
Be it rainy or sunny, morning or evening, there is this nostalgia attached to looking outside the window. So why not make a nice shot out of it? The greenery and the city lights will look brilliant and even if it is defocused it will make quite an impression when it is raining.

4.Macro shots: From gadgets to jewelry to watches to plants, when you look at them closely you will see many photographic possibilities. You can use close up filters, reversing ring or if you have a macro lens, nothing like it.

5.Portrait: As a photographer you end up outdoors mostly leaving your family behind, maybe you can take time out to click some awesome family photos and portrait of your loved ones, play dress up and even frame them for the wall.

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