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Follow these do's and don'ts of photography portfolio website - Must read!


Portfolios are the key elements of your bio that summarizes everything that you have worked on, achieved, and so on. Its importance is increasing more and more each day because the level of competition in the market is very high. But no need to fret, as you read on you will understand and learn more about how to make yourself known in this competitive world.  

 Today, the online world is the key platform that is the easiest way to amplify your reach with to your potential clients, customers, and everyone. First, you will need to browse every high-ranking photography portfolio website to understand how they function, what mechanism they use to connect with their customer or clients, and so on.

You must be definitely thinking that updating and maintaining a portfolio website is like a chore and tiring. Is it? Perhaps not, even after doing a lot of activities in photography from going to shoots, to editing and client interactions, you can still spare at least a few hours on this. Believe it, that once you make this practice consistent this process will be as simple as googling online photography courses in India.    

In India, there are various genres currently in trend today amongst which wedding photography is the best genre to gain some insights about how you should plan your website portfolio. Photographers who make their platform more lively, celebratory and vibrant makes it more interesting for users to browse their content in detail. From wedding photography tips to every detail of their past projects is set properly to make their platform in high ranking search results.

 To help you create a better photography portfolio website, here are some of the comprehensive dos and DON’Ts checklist important you should follow:

1. Website Design

Having a photography portfolio website without a proper wireframe is nothing like a jigsaw puzzle and can hamper your search results on Google if users don't find your website easy to navigate.


Browse other ranking websites, jot down important points and relay your wireframe in short, crisp, and precise data.

2. Update quality images, not similar ones


Your website is your ID never post similar images otherwise every person will consider your personality as lazy and also showcase that you have a creative flow to create and post quality content.

Always keep your first and last pictures excellent because they are the first things that catch one’s eye. While keep on posting as many images as possible with the division as categories, months, or timeline to showcase your different projects. 

3. Be versatile, don't have a narrow focus

If you have searched online for wedding photography tips you must have read the fact that adaptability, versatility, and creativity are the key element in this profile. Posting content without any new additions like in terms of venue, time duration, or location restricts your scope of progress.

Take projects which give you the option to practice versatile shooting experience so that you can post such content.

4. Create a community and ask for reviews
Don’t just post images or videos on your page without adding some accreditation or response from your customers, clients, or fellow photography experts. It doesn’t give justice no matter how good you shoot.

Ask your fellow friend photographers, or invite them to share some reviews, create a community platform for people to show some love to your content, and along with this ask your client to be supportive and share their remarks which in return will be helpful to attract more future client.

Still, wondering why online photography courses in India are booming on a large scale? The reasons are aplenty; it's just how you explore this world today. Making a portfolio that stands out is the first step you should pick to create a place in the online world. To inspire you with more such ideas as to how to make a better portfolio join the Panasonic Lumix community platform by visiting:  https://www.panasonic4kimagingclub.com/

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