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GH5S - The Master of Light!


Photography heavily depends on the exposure triangle made up of the 3 vertices comprising shutter speed, ISO and aperture. This dependence becomes more pronounced in Low Light photography. So, if one is shooting videos in the dark it is imperative that one has the right instrument to master the light. Enter Panasonic Lumix GH5S.

The GH5S builds upon the already impressive low light capabilities of the former flagship model, Panasonic Lumix GH5, and takes it to a whole new level.

The game changer here is the dual-native ISO, built in to the GH5S. Native ISO is the level at which a camera performs at its optimal level. So any deviation from this level essentially means grainy pictures. And further the deviation from the native ISO means more grainy pictures. The dual-native ISO essentially means that the GH5S has two levels where it functions optimally. One native ISO is set at 400, for normal, better-lit scenarios. This setting covers ISO 160 to ISO 800. The other is set at ISO 2500, anchoring all ISO settings from ISO 800 to the maximum setting of the GH5S at ISO 51200.

This camera truly is made for low light photography, not missing out on even a single particle of light and yielding the cleanest pictures imaginable in the dimmest of lights. Along with this, the Micro Four Thirds sensor makes for rich and less blown out mid-tones, along with the whole photo capturing much lower noise. Add to this the Digital MOS Sensor and Venus Engine 10 image processor with Dual Native ISO Technology can truly capture even the darkest part of the image with the most stunning clarity. Additionally the 4Kp60 recording makes clips stand out for clarity. Along with this, the enhanced battery life, a hallmark of the Panasonic GH series, makes GH5S the perfect video camera.

It of course packs all the other features that made the GH5 such a great camera, apart from the in-built camera stabilizer. This drawback is of little consequence, as most professional photographer will use a gimbal or a tripod for shooting videos or photos. The GH5S is ideal for videography, low-light photography and astrophotography.

So go ahead and master light (or the lack of it) on a Lumix GH5S.

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