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Here are some photography tips and tricks no one told you about


Photography is such an amazing world that never ceases to amaze us no matter how much you explore you get to learn something new every time. Every genre comes with different stories to express and new adventures to experience, that is why you never get bored in this field. Learning is something that should be religiously followed daily by everyone. The Photography world is changing every day new photography tips and tricks are updated by experts on online platforms, new technology is introduced to empower your skills, and most importantly to be ahead in the sea of competitors you always need to stay updated.

Today, there are multiple online photography courses, these uncertain times have given you a lot of opportunities to do a self-exploration while learning new things, exploring new fields and genres which you would have never thought of before. While digging up some interesting information from these online courses you might have thought of doing something different and exciting that sets your portfolio better than others. Well, photography courses are good ways to make your roots strong in photography but in this 21st century, you need to be better than that.

You might have read some articles online on how to improve your photography skills, some may suggest doing these online courses but have you ever wondered that almost everyone is reading that same article and even following it? So, you need to learn and practice unique things. For example, when you search online for landscape photography tips there are so many basic tricks and tips you can follow but have you tried any experimental trick that gives your composition a different expression.

However, many brands are giving online photography courses free of cost but nothing works if you don’t try something which is out of the box. To help you express better in photography and add on some excitement to practicing sessions, here are some interesting photography tips and tricks you should try that you haven’t tried before:

1) Use Flash Light during day or night

You might have heard about shooting images with flash in low light but you know the importance of shooting with flash every time you capture a moment be it day or night. Yes, this is just a myth that pictures don’t come out well if you use flash in the day time. In reality, the image looks better if you use this trick smartly like keeping flash to its full power and then

setting the shutter speed at 1/200, ISO around 100, and aperture around f/18 or F/22 until it makes your picture completely black.

2) Camera Strap as Filter

There is no doubt that this tip/trick is explained well anywhere on any landscape photography tips and tricks website. When shooting landscapes, the sky is often much brighter than the rest of the landscape so you need something to darken down just that top part of the photo and this can be done using your camera strap as a filter placed on top of your lens which saturates the light and naturally makes your subject less bright and give more details to your landscape shots.

The purpose of photography tips and tricks available online is to give you some edge to experiment and make your compositions creatively better. The only key to success here is to practice and master them. But make sure your basics are strong before advancing to the professional stage in photography.

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