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Here are the different ways to learn wildlife photography tips.


Ever since DSLRs and mirrorless cameras became readily available in the market, more photographers have started their venture with photography across different genres. There are many people across different experience levels from beginners to experts who have tried various genres and started sharing their experiences over the internet in the form of tips and tricks to guide those budding photography enthusiasts. From wildlife photography tips to wedding photography, from landscape to low light photography, all the tricks are just a click away.

Wildlife photography is has seen a huge growth in a country like India, with such a diverse band of animals and birds found many adventure loving photography enthusiasts are keen about this photography. There are various safaris, wild forests, national parks to visit like Ranthambore National Park (Rajasthan), Kaziranga National Park, (Assam), Jim Corbett, (Uttarakhand), etc. which is the hub for nature and wildlife photographers attract more photographers. Every now and then photographer go for field trips to places like this and learn more and more about wildlife photography. But with the current situation at hand where movement is restricted, we have to find out the best possible ways to keep the learning going.

Photography experts all over the world who shares the same interest and give away wildlife photography tips and tricks have come up with different ways to teach and keep the spirit of learning going. We have jotted some few ways that you yourself can be a part of in this process.

Photography Workshops

There are various photography workshops in India organized by experts across genres on different platforms like online through Zoom calls, Google meet, etc. Live sessions on many social media handles, community workshops where people gather in an area in person and explore the world of photography.

Lumix as one of the front runner of camera brand is very passionate about the world of photography and organize many webinars across genres regularly.

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Online Photography community

There is another way where you can get wildlife photography tips and various other tips and tricks across genres are getting yourself included in one of the many photography communities.

An online platform where all the budding photographers, experienced photographers, and experts from all over the world come together to explore and try to push the boundaries of the world of photography. Here one can explore all the genres, learn from peers, and extend their perspective about photography.

This platform also helps not just beginners but all the photographers to network, find opportunities to work with experts, and learns various tips and tricks of photography.

If you are looking for an online photography community with all these avenues to explore and learn, come join our Panasonic 4k Imaging Club, where you can find like-minded people like yours, experts from different genres of photography, and interact, learn and explore the world of photography.

Here’s the link to explore the community: https://www.panasonic4kimagingclub.com/


According to statista.com around 700 million internet users are there in India and by 2025 it can reach to 974.86 Million (https://www.statista.com/statistics/255146/number-of-internet-users-in-india/) and because of this accessibility to blogs have also increased. There are various blogs available online, where you can find tips and tricks related to wildlife photography shared by experts from around the world in the same field.

Videos and websites

One can also learn these through different tutorial videos on Youtube or other medius like top websites. This learning will help you with understanding the mistakes and redoing it over again. Videos will help you discover new styles and will help you learn tips and tricks through practical experiences.

These are some of the best of the sources to get not just wildlife photography tips but also to explore more genres of photography and increase your learning curve. Tips and tricks learned through these sources would last much longer and will help you take photography to another level. So explore more, experiment more, and keep the exciting world of photography alive in you.

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