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Here’s how my photography portfolio website helped me level up my career in photography


Many photographers think that a photography portfolio website is only viable when they have reached a certain milestone in their career, but let me tell you this, it is not the case at all. No matter how long you have been in the photography field, you must have your own website. The earlier the better. Keep reading if you want to know the benefits of having your own photography website.

1. Visibility What do you think people do when they want to book a photographer for their wedding or any other occasion? They either ask their friends for recommendations or look up on google. This is where your website comes into play. If you have a photography portfolio website it is easier for people to find you and reach out to you for your services. This way you don’t have to hastily try to find clients, instead, clients will find you with just a click.

2. Sell your photographs It is a great way to let people buy your photos from your website. They can browse all your work at a one-stop-shop i.e., your website, and buy your art just like they would from any e-commerce site. Not only does it serve as your art gallery, but also makes you profit from your photography. I have traveled a lot to capture the best landscapes around the world and I can instantly upload them to my website without waiting to be back home. My landscape photos have made me the most money and people love to see the beauty of the world.

3. Learn from others You can also learn from other professional photographers by following their work through their websites. Wedding Photographers are in high demand and make good fortune. People nowadays want a pre-wedding shoot, wedding shoot, and even a honeymoon shoot to store their memories. The majority of wedding photographers have their own websites where you can learn a couple of wedding photography tips from their compositions. Another option is to join a photography community like the 4K imaging club by Panasonic Lumix.

4. Scheduling appointments gets easy Gone are the days when you had to answer calls and respond to emails to book appointments with your potential clients. When you integrate an online scheduling tool with your photography portfolio website, it not only makes your life easier but also helps your potential customers to book appointments at their convenience without worrying about the opening hours. Lucky for you, most of these tools also send reminders to your customers so there are less chances of you being stood up.

5. Teach photography online Having your own website opens up multiple opportunities for you. You can not only showcase your work but even teach other budding photographers through your website. You can upload simple presentations, podcasts, and even videos of yourself and mentor others. Try to make your website keyword-rich so that next time someone looks for ‘online photography courses in india, your website pops up.

6. Diverting traffic Just like you can divert the audience from your social media channels to your website, your website can also divert the traffic to your social media handles. The more people follow you, like your content, or share your content on social media, the better your chances of attracting more people and potential clients to your business. Here are some of the wedding photography tips that will help you attract more clients to your social media handle. Tag people on your posts, not just the couple, but the venue, decorators, makeup artists, and even the camera brands you used to photograph the wedding. Ask the people you photograph to tag you whenever they share their wedding photos.

Hope these benefits have convinced you to set up your personal photography portfolio website and give a boost to your photography business.

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