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Holi Photoshoot Ideas and Photography Tips


For photographers, Holi is like a massive canvas with an infinite spectrum of colours in every glance, as if posing to be captured. With everyone turning into an artist, this abstract art is a visual treat and soul therapy for the photographer in you. It is a must-not-miss opportunity to get those cameras out and frame colours in motion through your lens. Enrolling yourself in one of the online photography classes would be a wise thing to do since Holi photography is absolutely challenging.

We understand that not everyone can go for a photowalk or have a mentor at the moment amidst the restrictive situation. Well, we are here to help you with some brilliant and handy Holi Photography Ideas and hacks. Keep reading to know more:

1.p Safety First

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Expect lots of unwanted water splashes and wild colour parade! Keep a rain cover for your camera and all the equipment. Don’t forget to secure all the open ends with duct tape. Post Holi celebration, you will realize that covering your camera is one of the best life-saving Holi Photography ideas! Also, make sure you have sufficient space for the memory card to click plenty of images, because it might be risky to change the memory card on Holi. Keep your battery fully charged and take an extra one as well.

2. Camera Settings

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Shoot with whatever you are comfortable with. The celebration and people will not stop for you, so changing or adjusting the settings every time you shoot will make you miss a lot of greatness. Aperture priority mode could be your friend. Also, to capture all the action and coloured powders spread all over, use shutter speed at least 1/160 sec.

3. Get involved

Image Credits: Jassi Oberai

You can’t take great shots if you are not indulged in the celebration yourself. Get in the crowd to capture the emotions. If you have gone to shoot Holi celebrations in India before, you must have seen photographers on chairs, tables and balconies trying to shoot the crowd. They turn out to be amazing pictures that capture the vibe and liveliness of the atmosphere very well. It might not sound like it is one of the very powerful Holi photography ideas, but trust us, you might be underestimating the energy of the crowd!

4. Portrait Photography Tips

Image Credits: Vivek Gowda

On Holi, faces become artistic masterpieces. It is important to ask for permission before clicking someone’s portrait and people are so high on happy energy, they seldom say ‘no’. We recommend clicking these portraits in the initial phase while the different colours are still visible on the face.

If you keep the aperture wide open, you can get the bokeh effect in the background or a blurred effect that makes your subject stand out even more. Hope these portrait photography tips will surely help you this holi to compose breathtaking portraits.

5. Travel

Image Credits: Vivek Gowda

India is a country with extremely diverse cultures. You will experience Holi differently in different parts of India. Although the feeling and grandeur remains the same, the traditions may vary a little place to place. Even if you are in the same city, make sure you roam around and experience different crowds and energy. It will be a worthwhile experience that you cannot learn even in those online photography classes.

6. Care after Holi Celebration

Image Credits: Jassi Oberai

Surely, you will be very tired after a day full of dancing, playing and stuffing your face with delicious treats, but your camera needs to be cleaned and so do you! Do not rip open the cover carelessly. Dust off all the dust and colours from the cover, you may use a blower as well, then gently remove it. Check your camera properly for any residual dirt and clean it with a soft cloth. Now, you can take out your memory card and get started on the editing of your photos.

After reading all these Holi photoshoot ideas, we are sure you will feel more ready to get out and not only capture all the colours and emotions of Holi, but also many wonderful memories yourself.

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