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How I made good use of 2020 by attending online photography courses near me


The year 2020 was a blow to all of us, financially, mentally, and physically. The pandemic changed our whole lifestyle and the ‘new normal’ emerged. While we all were stuck in our homes, even watching movies all day and binge-eating became boring. So, to deal with the boredom and do something productive, I decided to look for photography courses near me, online courses, of course! I have always been interested in photography, so much that I even bought a camera from Lumix and started taking pictures of food, whenever I went out.

Along with the online classes, Netflix, and a lot of cooking experiments, I brushed up my photography skills and learned from almost all the online photography courses in India. Read on to know how I utilized my lockdown in 2020.

1. Took my portraits to the next level I loved clicking pictures of food and drinks as much as loved eating. I loved how I could frame different colours, textures, and deliciousness in a photo. I even stalked my favorite food photographer and checked out his photography portfolio website to look at their work. I tried to recreate their work. I even learned to cook to be able to shoot them later. Slowly, I started to realize the difference between my previous and current compositions. So, I guess, practice does make you perfect.

2. Experimented with my Camera While I was cooped up in my home, I got plenty of time to play with my camera and try out different features and settings. In this lockdown, I got to know a lot of features of my camera that I was unaware of. My favourite is the image stabilizer in my camera. My Lumix G95 helps me achieve sharp and blur-less images. The more you practice with your camera and explore its features, the more confident you get to shoot. It almost becomes your second nature.

3. Attended Photography workshops I was enjoying my photography journey so much that whenever I got a chance, I attended online photography workshops. Surprisingly, I interacted with a lot of fellow enthusiasts. I even got acquainted with a few people who lived close to me. They also recommended a few great photography courses near me that can help me in the future as well.

4. Became a part of the photography community As soon as I started looking for resources to learn photography online, a lot of articles and blogs recommended joining photography communities. As I am a Lumix camera user, I started with Panasonic’s website. I joined their community and to my surprise, found a lot of photography blogs, workshops, photographers to follow, and even managed to get my work featured on their social media page. In photography communities, you will find a lot of like-minded people who will always help you learn more about your genre and even motivate you to explore new ones.

5. Photography Portfolio Website Whether you are a professional or a hobbyist, if you love photography, you must have your portfolio. Many photographers used to carry a physical folder of their work to show it to the clients, some still do, but as we all shifted to the world wide web, so did photographers. Instead of carrying bulky folders, photographers now have their own websites just a click away. One thing that I learned from every professional photographer I followed is that social media can play a huge role in moving your career forward. Make sure you have all your social media channels listed on your photography portfolio website so that people can follow you.

As the lockdown is upon us again, I have decided to move my google search from ‘online photography courses in India’ to my newfound interest in portrait photography. Do not let yourself get engulfed in the gloom of the pandemic and relive your passion.

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