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How Lumix gives you a different vision to capture Holi better?


India is a land of abundant festivals. This warmth of cheer, laugh and togetherness is the shared essence felt in every festival. Holi is the most vibrant festival, famous around the world celebrated by everyone alike, and the most captivating festival for photographers specially. With colors everywhere, children running around, dancing and playing when the vibe is high the muse is higher for that perfect shot.

But what about your camera when you don’t even bring your phone out sometimes in fear of water and color. Sometimes that is the kind of limitation that either makes you stay away from the celebration in order to shoot or leave your cameras behind. While brands like Panasonic Lumix have cameras that can be used under any condition, however, below are some precautionary steps one can take:

1. Scout the area and pick a vantage point :

First thing first! Always make a precautionary measure. Pick a suitable location that will help capture better without any fear of excess colours or water falling on it.

2. Use the right gears :

With Lumix cameras, close up shot lenses like 100mm, 50mm, DFD autofocus and with 5 axis dual IS you can capture every festive vibe, emotions with enhanced clarity and focus.

3. With Lumix, creativity has no limit :

If you have this camera you are all set to flaunt your creative compositions with features like 4K/6K burst mode, 4K photo and video mode, slow motion, post focus, focus peeking and many more that makes a perfect video or picture.

4. Take advantage of different moments :

Since this festival is always celebrated during the day it becomes important for your shoot in low ISO, under tree shade and try an aerial shot with the help of drone for cooler colorful wide shot.

This festival is a grand hotspot for every photographer. If you are planning to capture this year’s festival of colours then don’t forget to follow the above-mentioned tips. And the first thing you should do before you take the plunge is browse the wide categories of Lumix cameras and who knows, you might find your perfect companion for such adventures and many more festivals.

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