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As colourful as it can get and full of life, festivals in India come with a big pool of photography opportunities. Shoal of photographers from different countries and cities in India await this festive season to feel the vibe and capture it in all pomp and glory. While it is overwhelming, because of the many scopes the festival brings you, it is important to keep in mind the location you are going to and the duration so that you come prepared with the right gear i.e. extra lens, 2 cameras with extra battery and memory cards.

Pre-Visualise: It is important to have a location recce and have an understanding of the events that is to take place, how it is celebrated and what all will happen so that you can decide on how you want to shoot and the specific spots that can get you good shots.

Backgrounds: During festivals, it is obvious that the background will have a lot of things that are happening so if you spot a subject, make sure that the subject you are capturing and its background is complementing each other.

Attention to detail: Festivals in India are vibrant with colours, flowers, lights and decoration all around and for a photographer it may become a task but capturing the essence of festival like the oil lamps, flowers, worship bells etc. is important.

Shooting mode: Cameras like Panasonic Lumix G series with excellent 4k video and complimenting features can shoot breath-taking videos so you have to be very clever in choosing which shots can be captured in video that can be extracted as static pictures also.

Candid shots: Candid shots are better than the staged ones, they are more vivid and expressive. The festive happiness and excitement on the families and friends faces is better captured candid. Be it someone praying, mother hugging a kid or friends laughing their heart out... these are the moments worth capturing.

Having said that, with the right camera, you can never go wrong while capturing the festivity in all its glory with Lumix cameras. With its mirrorless lightweight feature, Lumix camera is your best companion and will deliver better results than expected.

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