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How to get started in travel photography if you are a beginner


We have all had (or have) a friend who is enthusiastic about photography and obsessed with Travel photography particularly. Travel photography is the current rage, mainly owing to social media platforms like Instagram, which provide content creators with a platform to showcase their creations and generate opportunities. Travel helps people gather new experiences and an art form like photography just helps build it further.

There are many types of travel photography and many photography workshops help people hone their talent in this particular field. If you’re an enthusiast and are wondering how to get started in travel photography, here is a helpful guide to help you on your journey.

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Start with practicing your shots at home

Before you book a ticket to a serene location up in the mountains or elsewhere, take a step back and explore places and surroundings around your house. Try experimenting with different photography tips and tricks and apply them to capture your immediate surroundings. You can also explore different types of travel photography - street photography, food photography, landscape photography, etc. - and find your niche. You will also find many travel photography tips for beginners online to help you on your journey.

Remember to Travel Smart

Travel photography can quickly become expensive so you will have to learn how to be smart about it. Travelling smart means both, to travel smartly and safely. You will have to learn to live on a modest budget, identify and prioritise locations. Start exploring your locality and once you have become comfortable with it, venture out on small trips on the weekend to get familiar with exploring a new place. Be prepared to travel a lot on foot and use local transport as much as possible and choose hostels over hotels. This will also help you get to know the locals and explore the place better.

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Learn to Photograph in any Weather

Photography in great weather is a luxury very few travel photographers get to experience. So be prepared to apply the travel photography tips you’ve learnt and get the most out of any weather condition. Here too, you can start by practicing these at home and take shots of your favourite viewpoint in different weather conditions. Another great approach could be practicing reflection photography after the rains stop.

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Plan your equipment well

This is one of the most important travel photography tips for beginners. Weight is your greatest enemy for a travel photographer since you will spend a majority of your day walking around and carrying all that weight around is only going to slow you down. Plan to keep 2 lenses, a tripod and off camera light gear. Don’t carry all your things at once. Plan the shots you would be clicking and pack your gear for the day accordingly.

Additional Tips for beginners

  • Before heading out, plan the photographs you wish to take during your trip. This will help you plan your day better and you will be able to head out with a direction. Research on the destinations you wish to visit and take inspiration from photographs other photographers would have taken there.
  • Get into the habit of waking up early. This will help you especially if your destination is hot and crowded. Early mornings can help you lose the crowd and get good shots of the landscape, monuments, etc. Additionally, you’re more likely to find local life around if you are out and about early in the morning.
  • Get in touch with the locals or local photographers to know your destination better. If you gel well with them, you may even get to know about their favourite photography spots. Don’t forget to reciprocate if a photographer reaches out to you in your neighbourhood.

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