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When the world stood still, everyone learned a new way of digitally connecting with each other, while many sought to do it by live streaming. Some are using it for their business, some for learning, and some for connecting with their loved ones. This platform has proved why is it making people’s life easier and balanced while everyone is at home.

As a photographer, it is highly cumbersome when your creativity cannot be explored outdoors. But why restrict your knowledge where you can learn a lot while staying at home. You might be thinking that photography workshops are the best way to learn and explore by going outdoors. Since everything is canceled or called off you don’t have access to any outdoor activities. In such cases, online tutorials play a vital role in order to amp-up your photography skills.

At this rate, we can assume that photography tips and tricks mentioned online are the best sources to learn exciting new techniques. However, knowing about these tricks will not work accurately unless you discuss them with the experts. Experts are the key to industry knowledge in understanding what is relevant and what is not. This is also the reason many photographers are looking for online tutorials.

Online photography tutorials have become a trend these days. Due to the massive demand and increasing curiosity among photographers like you, these sessions are conducted highly by many photography brands such as Panasonic Lumix. Since April, they have conducted numerous online tutorials where experts from different genres and regions come together in one platform to share their insights.

If you are thinking to enroll for such photography tutorials, it is better to keep in mind the following things in order to make the best of such tutorials by experts:

If you are thinking to enroll for such photography tutorials, it is better to keep in mind the following things in order to make the best of such tutorials by experts:

  1. Do your homework
    It’s really important to be prepared before any tutorialbecause these sessions will only last for an hour and amongst many other users you have one shot to ask and interact with the expert. Study about the genre, make points,list out your queries beforehand of any online photography tips and tricks you didn’t understand before, know more about the expert so that it makes your conversations more accurate that will intrigue the person to interact more with you.

  2. Make notes
    During tutorials, every expert or professional may have different ways of explaining the concepts or topics. Some may explain with an example and some may directly relate to the experience. You just need to have an open ear and listen to every detail they explain. You never know they might disclose a very important tip that can help you excel in the field you are practicing. So, make it a habit to listen to every detail shared and note it down. If you couldn’t understand the tip in one go you can record your screen and listen to the conversation again and again unless you understand that point.

  3. Attend every online tutorial
    When you are get an opportunity to browse a wide range of photography genres and interact with industries leading photographers then why miss this opportunity of enrolling for other genres and topics which is a subject of interest. No extra learning goes waste. The more you keep yourself out of the comfort zone the stronger you will become while shooting in any circumstances. Believe it, these training are way better than outdoor photographyworkshops sometimesbecause you get to save a lot of time and energy for not visiting places but by learning directly at home. And if you feel you are stuck somewhere, experts are always there to help you out.

  4. Community building technique
    These online tutorials are not only a platform to learn things but also to build a community of interesting participants who are keen to learn, explore and expand the horizon of their knowledge to a new level under expert guidance. Every session is an opportunity for forming new community group, asyou connect with experts you also e-meet photographers from different fields and places. This is the moment where you can also expand your networks with these people to generate new business leads, collaborations, and to explore new opportunities for upcoming projects.

There are endless numbers of photography tutorials where experts will suggest new techniques you can use in your photography. Every session is an opportunity to explore new things from different perspectives, which opens up many routes for you to experiment, make failures and repeat unless you succeed.

Since you all are at your respective home, take this opportunity, and explore photography through these online sessions. If you are looking forward to attending one, try Panasonic Lumix #ExploreWithLumix live sessions. Enroll now and start exploring. To stay updated on the latest sessions follow Lumix India on social media.

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