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How to stay at home and click amazing pictures?


As we all continue to stay at home, why not hone your photography skills? This is probably the best time to improve and learn more about some photography tips and tricks while staying at home. So, let’s get started and start clicking from home. With the creative eye that you are blessed with, and some online learning, get ready to make a muse out of everything you see around you or from your window.

Home Photography Tips

Below are some of the basics that you can follow as you start to venture into PFH (Photography from home):

  • Shooting the sunrise

    Rising at 4am might seem a bit daunting, but as soon as the day breaks, you’ll experience a whole range of light and shade. Besides, it’s a wonderful experience in itself once you’ve got a few shots of coffee down you.

  • Using the monochrome feature

    You can capture the world in monochrome mode for a day. Look for environments where texture and shade are prominent and suitable for the specified mode.

  • Photograph your daily routine

    You might think your daily grind is a mundane subject for photos, but realistic pictures come out the best pictures. Find the interest in the everyday and try shooting those elements. This could be a blend of low light photography, macro photography etc.

  • Portraits at the same place

    If you’ve ever seen the film Smoke starring Harvey Keitel you will be familiar with this concept. The notion is that the longer you can keep going, the better you will begin to realise how things subtly change as time goes by. This domain can certainly help you excel your photography skills with amazing results.

Some photography tips to follow while clicking from home includes

- Use the rule of thirds
- Avoid camera shake
- Learn to use the exposure triangle
- Use a polarizing filter
- Create a sense of depth
- Use simple backgrounds
- Don’t use flash indoors
Photography from home Tips

From pets to family members to toys, everything has their favourite corner and with the right lighting and camera you can never go wrong. So, go on and make your Quarantine productive

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