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Independence Day through the eyes of Lumix


Be it the sight of fluttering birds or quaint afternnon when mighty sun ray shines on the iconic monument, the perfect time to relive these beautiful moments is Independence Day. A peek into history followed by countless memories, memories that can only be brought by pictures. This Independence day Lumix takes a photographic walk down the lane of independence with iconic shots that represenst the cultural heritage of India.

An overwhelming outburst of patriotic emotion fills the heart around this time and for a photographer it is through the picture that he takes. One of the most important element for the photographer is to have the right camera in the first place. This is when the much raved about Lumix G series come in picture. The Lumix G85 in particular is known for durability and professional aptitude. The best part about this camera is also that it is weather sealed to the point that be it sunny or rainy you will have no issue capturing pictures, therefore the final product being undisturbed. Build around a 16MP Micro Four Thirds image sensor, the Panasonic G85 offers a brilliant electronic viewfinder based on OLED technology which is almost equivalent to the size of a 35 mm film camera. The high-res viewfinder is an added advantage as it helps to identify the subject in low-light conditions.

This mirrorless camera has a new shutter mechanism, electronic first curtain and a full silent mode adds to the feel of your shoot. It helps you concentrate more on the subject and shoot images with zero shutter noise. So even if you are capturing the beautiful National Bird you do it with ease and as grace.

Besides having the perfect camera, it is also important to know the techniques of the provided features in the camera as you don’t want your skills and the remarable functions to go to waste. The G85 has a flip-out LCD that allows you to angle it up, down, and forward it also has a fabulous touch sensitive LCD. In addition to that this camera also has the ability to connect with Wi-Fi that enables you to transfer your photos from camera to your phones for immediate output.

With all the above pointers, if you have this awesome camera head out and start shooting, it is your time to shine.

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