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Is photography a good career & Where can I learn photography online ?


Photography at this age is a fast-emerging career, earlier it might have just been another hobby but now among all age groups it has become an art that has turned people into professionals, the camera being an enabler much like a painting brush of a pen. Now, photography is indeed one of the most popular career choice as it not only highlights your creativity but gets you good income. A photographer must create unique compositions, shoot cinematic visuals, understand one’s camera in and out and make the subject feel comfortable. But where does it all start? Well, one can start for opting to learn photography online, which is also one of the safest means of learning given the current situation.

Traditionally, you would be required to attend a proper photography institution and enrol into a certain course for photography, especially if you are a beginner but thanks to internet there are so many resources available online you can easily learn photography online even if not through a school.

If you are professional and looking to amp up your photography skill there are brands like Lumix that organises webinars and workshops which are at par with institutes that support online photography courses free of cost. The main downside to these courses is that it will be time taking and limited to as per your goal. Therefore, there have a list of resources from where you can probably achieve your photography goal, learn tips and tricks and learn about cameras as fast as possible in a short duration of time. While this may sound easy unlike the extensive study via online photography courses free of cost, your dedication, zeal for learning and your concentration must be 100%, after all it depends on an individual as to how much you earn.

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As mentioned above, some of the resources you can learn photography online are as below:

1) Online tutorials

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There are countless tutorials on YouTube in particular with tips, hacks and reviews of the latest camera, you can pick one at a time and learn a lot of things about photography from an expert. if you go to Lumix’s YouTube channel there are options aplenty where you ‘ll get into the loop of unending learning. It is a treasure trove for photographers. Here’s the link, you can start right away https://www.youtube.com/c/Panasonic4KImagingClub/playlists

2) Photography workshops
Before you ask, yes, workshops are still going on in the same pace as before, if not physically you can always attend them online and they are also as interactive as before. Panasonic Lumix has outdone the rest of the brands by organising these photography workshops online throughout the pandemic, here’s the link for the workshops that were held under different topics https://www.panasonic4kimagingclub.com/photography-workshop/ Remember, whatever you learn on these online workshops you must put into practice.

3) Webinars

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Like seminars, there are a lot of online webinars conducted by the Lumix Luminaries, if you want to get to know them, you can simply click here https://www.panasonic4kimagingclub.com/photography-experts/ Be it about the newly launched camera Lumix G100 or shooting in 4k you can have access to many such information through the webinar. You can clear your doubts right there and then, and sometimes you have more than one Lumix Luminary hosting the webinar so you ae always on the benefitting end as a learner.

4) Online Blogs

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There are different kinds of blogs, like some are updated by the camera brands and some by experts, both are equally important. If you are an avid reader, you can definitely start with the brand blogs and then you can check out individual blogs published by the experts. Some blogs will be picture heavy and that ight be of interest to you. Challenges like low light photography or night photography can be easily practiced reading these blogs as per the camera and camera brand you are using.

By now you must have your hands full of the resources to learn photography in, but in addition to the above we also suggest you join an online photography community so that you never miss out on any details or updates, you can also share your work and get real time feedback from experts. Panasonic 4k imaging club is a community that will inspire and encourage you to become a professional photographer and a well-known name in the industry. Join the community here https://www.panasonic4kimagingclub.com/login/ and let the learning never end.

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