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Kai Stuht

“Art photography is the transformation of energy into a single image. India is a country full of controversy. Chaos meets harmony, dust meets rich colours. There is no other place in the world where you can sense the spiritual energy as intense as here. No other country that has influenced the rest of the world as much as India. The Beatles owe India one of their most successful songs and Slumdog Millionaire has received eight Oscars for its moving story. Bhagwan has changed the western world with his philosophy and the story of the Taj Mahal attracts millions of tourists from all over the world.

Especially the small city of Jaisalmer, located in the desert of Rajasthan. It embodies the polarity I was looking for, providing the perfect scenery to implement my visual concept with the new LUMIX S1R for the worldwide acting editions gallery LUMAS. Thanks to its high picture quality and resolution, this full-frame camera is perfect to catch even the smallest details of a complex world.

Nothing has been left to chance. The most precious fabrics have been used for sophisticated garments and stitched together by India’s best craftmanship. The location had been carefully handpicked after weeks of searching and was enhanced by using old furniture and props. Only when you put all your energy into a visual concept, you can do justice to the best cameras of the world and present the kind of imagery that deserve to be exhibited in one of the most successful galleries like LUMAS.

The LUMIX S1R is the perfect example of how classic characteristics of professional photography have been transferred into a modern camera and enriched with innovative technology. As an out-come, the camera reflects the technical perfection without losing the authenticity and spirit of the origins. Welcome to the future….”

Kai Stuht

Kai Stuht is the David Lynch of the the European photography scene. His dramatically orchestrated visual worlds appeal to the subconscious, involuntarily pulling the viewer into this magical undercurrent. His lighting is unparalleled, with razor sharp Hannibal Lector precision he dissects his themes, only to then put them together again in new contexts. With great sensitivity the Berliner unmasks the icons of the entertainment industry, pulling away at their armour, layer by layer, resulting in a seldom seen view of the person behind the public figure. It is exactly this that makes him unique. With almost autistic reclusiveness the philosopher amongst the German star photographers, continually ads to the tapestry of his life. In 2012 Kai Stuht pulled his vision of the world into a large scale project in which he gathers the world’s top creatives from a wide variety of genres. Stuht is working with visionary industry leaders to get Project Fovea on it’s way. Expectations are high. (by Wulf Arther, Modernism Magazine, NYC)

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