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Love, Life and Lumix


It is always interesting when people talk about things they love. It is an oft touted phrase – “I love this” or “I love that”. But while the word love is casually strewn about, the depth and the original intent of the word has been lost. Historically, the world has been shaped by this 4-letter word. It has been the emotion that inspired the bard. It has been the feeling that brought down a Greek metropolis. It has also been an inspiration for people to create organizations that changed the world. While it should ideally be the emotion that drives epics and becomes the plot of many poetry, the romance behind love has slowly petered away. So we thought, now that we no longer associate the word love with the fluttering of butterflies how about we channelize this transcendental wonder to something more tangible. How about we say, that life is itself love and the concrete expression of this can be through the moments that we remember. Seems plausible right? After all, there is the age-old adage that life is about the moments that take our breath away. Valentine’s Day is the celebration of this legendary breath-taking construct. A bond that is beyond the physical and social dictums of this world. A bond that is as effervescent as it is sublime. A bond that is part concern and part coddling! It is this paradoxical juxtaposition that makes this emotion so confusing and so intriguing. And where there is intrigue, there is a story. So, we at Lumix urge you to go out and capture every story that you can think of. Stories that may have started wars and stories that may have ended them. Stories that created enemies and stories that started friendships. Stories that ended life and stories that began it. With all this drama around how can you not reach out for that little wonder called a camera, and what better camera to capture all this than a Lumix GH5. With 4:2:2 10-bit recording capture all the colours of love and with the 5-axis Dual I.S. II record it all blur free. With Lumix cameras capture love, capture life and capture everything that takes your breath away!

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