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Photography communities are a great way to gain valuable knowledge in the field of photography. These communities not only help in incrementing knowledge in a particular field, it also helps in widening the horizon equally for beginners and experts. These communities are a middle ground for the photographers to meet at one portal and share their knowledge with each other. Gear, composition, devices, bags, photography fields are some of the topics which are discussed at these communities.

Lumix community is also one such community which is exactly what every photographer needs. It is so, because this community has a lot of features which can be advantageous for every photographer in the industry. As a photographer, you are constantly looking out for more exposure for your work. With the help of our community, we help you showcase your images to a larger audience pool. Not just this, you can definitely amplify such content on your own photography portfolio websites.

This Panasonic community is a great place to generate exposure for your work and traffic for your photography website. You would often find collaborators and even clients in our photography community, not only that, a community helps with your future partnerships and referrals once you have established your career in this industry. Sharing your work on an online professional photography community like ours can help you get feedback and constructive criticism that can be of great help in evaluating your work and improving areas where you are lagging. Additionally, in our community, there is a lot of discussion on new cameras, lenses, etc. You would also find animated discussions on the trends in photography and what the future holds.

As you become actively involved in our Lumix community, you would get a sense of comradeship with fellow photographers. It's a great way of making friends and interacting with fellow photographers and incrementing your growth in the photography genre. Our community has tonnes of articles, reviews, how-tos on all aspects of photography. If there is one website that you want to refer to before you make any purchase of digital cameras or any other photography equipment, you are sure to find detailed product reviews, being guides and user discussion forums in our community.

This Panasonic community is a large community of enthusiasts, beginner and pro photographers with a vast repository of content available for photographers. With a lot of articles, online courses for photography and active photography forums for beginners, our community has something for anyone interested in photography.

Our community with its myriad features is always buzzing with news on best photography workshops, contests, and events. It also has detailed reviews of the latest photography gadgets, cameras and lenses tested by our DOPs and photographers. Additionally, our professional photography community discusses the need to improve the skills of photographers. You have separate threads on landscapes, portraits, weddings, etc. Themes such as street photography, black and white portraits, wildlife

photography, Cinematography, people photography, landscapes photography, etc. are quite popular in our community.

With our community, you can be the first to know about the latest news regarding the Lumix S5 release or any other upcoming product range. Whether it’s time for some new accessories, new awards or you’re pondering your next big purchase, all the info you need is right here at our forum. There are always fantastic goodies to be won and these are designed with Lumix owners in mind so check in regularly to make sure you don’t miss out on any such opportunity. Moreover, if you’re ever stuck for software, or have a question or a suggestion, then our community is where you can discuss software for video and for still imaging as well.

We have forums as well where you can chat about everything, ranging from something to do with moving pictures, the camera, the lenses, techniques to flash units, accessories, servicing, offers etc. In our Lumix community, we also have dedicated chat around each of the Lumix compact camera ranges, including Travel Zoom, popular models and series. You can ask questions, share tips and get help with your camera from others who have the same model as well.

With so many photography communities and forums to participate in, you need to quickly find the best professional photography community that you want to be actively engaged with and slowly move up the chain and become a valuable, contributing member of those communities.

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