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Lumix community X workshop - how you can benefit


The internet has played a significant role in helping budding photographers find inspiration, information and guidance. Aspiring photographers from around the world have found ways to connect and become a part of communities that provide a fertile ground to discuss ideas, observe new trends and learn from expert photographers.

The Lumix Community can be a great place if you’re looking to improve your skills, make new friends with a common passion for clicking pictures, share your work or looking to expand your network. Here you can find the guidance to hone your craft, or be a part of special workshops organized by renowned professionals. As with any field, connecting with your fellow professionals can add so much to your journey on so many levels.

So what can you expect while being a part of the Lumix Community?

1. Learn new things

First and foremost, the Lumix Club provides you with a plethora of content which helps you to explore new things. The special photography workshops in India organized by renowned professionals from the field cover a range of topics from wildlife photography tips to landscape and travel photography.


2. Grow your network

The Lumix Community gives you an opportunity to connect with likeminded people who are as enthusiastic about capturing the world in their camera, as you!

Source – https://www.instagram.com/p/CMOgBgqJ5zb/
Credit – Shubham Pandey

3. Participate in photowalks

Photowalks and collaborations are all about being part of a moving photoshoot with a group of people. Every walk is special as it gives you an insight on how different photographers process the same location/subject differently. These excursions are not only informative, but also a great deal of fun.

Source – https://www.instagram.com/p/CMmqVGVpt5v/
Credits: PK Suri

4. Get Inspired

Photographers experience creative blocks too, but exposing yourself to other people’s work can help you get out of your slump. Seeing what others are up to, can be a great motivator for people to try something new and move on from their comfort zone.

Source – https://www.instagram.com/p/CMY3jXkJmqd/
Credits – Rudhraksh Jaiswal

5. Create your audience:

Joining the Lumix community gives you a platform where you can share your work and also view other people’s work. People show their appreciation, leave comments and constructive feedback that can help you further develop your skills.

Source - https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/jakarta-indonesia-november-29-2018-eyecatching-1243694257

6. Get the right exposure

Photography communities have a mix of amateurs and professional photographers. This makes it easier for mentors to find apprentices and vice versa. This can help open doors for real life experiences such as lifestyle shoots, wedding shoots, and other directions that you may want to pursue.

Source – https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/jakarta-indonesia-november-29-2018-eyecatching-1243694257

7. Keep yourself updated

The Lumix Community can help you keep in touch with the latest development in the world of photography. From the latest news, and reviews of cameras, lenses and other photography accessories to the latest editing apps and software, the community can be your one-stop shop for everything photography.

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