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Lumix G85 – The Power of 4K in the Palm of your Hands


4K is the new gold standard in the imaging business. Whether it be photography or it be videography, this is the resolution all are looking for. So to record in 4K you need a camera with those capabilities. And Panasonic is at the zenith of the 4K camera technology, especially in the mirrorless category.

Panasonic Lumix G85 is one of the best offerings from the Lumix’s stable of cameras for this. It is a high – end DSLM camera masquerading as mid – range camera. Part of Lumix’s pioneering mirrorless camera range, with the Micro Four Thirds Sensor, makes G85 a great offering for professional and amateur videographers and photographers.

So what makes the G85 such a great 4K camera for videography and photography? Well there are a few features that make the G85 standout.

For starters, the 5-axis Dual I.S. II image stabilizer makes it an ideal 4K video camera. It corrects for hand shake and compensates for shots up to 5 f-stops. This in-built feature also compensates for lenses that may not come equipped with optical image stabilization.

A strong and durable body, which is splash proof and dust proof, makes it a great pick for professionals who engage in wildlife, outdoor, or adventure photography and videography. Along with this the ergonomic design of the grip allows for even single - handed photography and videography.

The 4K photo mode on the Lumix G85 ensures that one doesn’t miss out on any of the important shots. This mode enables the selection of a single frame from a 4K video sequence, which is shot at an impressive 30 fps, as a stand alone high resolution still.

The Post focus feature allows for the post facto correction of focus. It is as simple as selecting the new point of focus on the impressive LCD display. Over and above this, the Focus stacking feature allows for multiple focus points at different depths. This makes it ideal for wedding photography, which requires simultaneous focus on so many objects at the same time.

The new electromagnetic drive in the shutter unit on the Lumix G85 muffles the shock that the movement of the shutter diagram causes. This also results in a lower shutter sound, making it ideal for Wildlife photography.

Along with these features, the LIVE MOS and Venus sensor, the 4K live cropping mode, the improved functioning at greater ISO levels and a host of other features makes the G85 truly the flag bearer of affordable 4K photography and videography.

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