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Panasonic has launched its latest Mirrorless camera in the Indian market called the Lumix G95. The brand is known for its range of mirrorless cameras and its ability to bring first in segment features for the Indian consumers. The latest in this range is a skyscraper in the land of modest houses.

But today, the skyline is a lot busier, so how does this one stands out and reaches even higher? The Lumix G95 is a power packed machine for the generation that wants to record every moment of their life and wants to share it all with their fans, these are passionate people who wants to share their interests like food, tech., make-up or even travel with the world, they usually have their cameras on a Gorilla-pod with a mic on top, they go by many names like Vloggers, YouTubers, Influencers, and much more.

Here are few reasons why you should capture YOU with Lumix G95:

1. A True Hybrid
Lumix G95 features a host of functions for shooting photos and videos in various situations with excellent mobility.

2. High Resolution
Featuring a brand new 20.3 megapixel MOS sensor and the combination of the Lumix high performance Venus Engine and removal of the low pass filter, resolution improves and moiré effects are minimal.

3. 4K Video & Vlog-L mode
Unlimited 4K 30p video recording plus pre-installed Vlog-L expands creative options. Additionally, it features high-speed video recording at 60, 90, 120 fps and a microphone/headphone jack.

4. Intuitive Operation
The body's grip provides stability even when shooting with one hand, and frequently used functions like white balance, ISO, and exposure compensation are positioned within easy reach.

5. Rugged Body for All Conditions
A magnesium alloy front frame and sealing help protect the body, dials, and buttons for a dust/splash-resistant body. (Damage can still occur if subjected to direct contact with dust and water.)

6. Low-shock, Low-sound Shutter Unit
An electromagnetic shutter drive greatly reduces shutter shock, which improves sharp image capture. Mechanical shutter sound is also minimized for when the situation demands discrete quiet.

7. OLED Viewfinder
Frame shots easily using the high-speed OLED Live Viewfinder (0.74x magnification ratio) or the convenient 3-inch free-angle touch LCD screen (1.240K-dot resolution).

8. Image Stabilization
Combining body and lens stabilization tech its 5-Axis Dual I.S. 2 achieves sharp and blur-less images with 5-stop correction power up to the tele-end*.

9. Extended Battery Life
By using two batteries — one in the camera and the other in the optional LUMIX grip (DMW-BGG1) battery life is doubled. The grip also makes vertical angle shooting more comfortable.

10. USB Power Supply / USB Power Charging
During tethered shooting, a USB connection charges the battery from a portable battery charger or personal computer, a helpful convenience when shooting long videos or during studio photography.

And this is just the beginning of the list of features that this camera has brought for you, right here, in India. Most camera brands bring their old international models to Indian market whereas Panasonic strives to keep Indian Consumers on the top. We’d recommend that you always compare other cameras in the market with a Lumix camera and then make your decision.

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