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How Does Our Score Meter Work?

Parameter Point Allocation
Sign Up 200
Content Upload : Video 100
Content Upload : Photo 50
Content Upload : Blog 100
Workshop Attendance 50
Workshop Creation 200
User Action : Like/ Comment/ Share 10
Every New Follower Added 20

  • We will assign a badge to you, depending on your level of participation. The badges are categorized as 'Bronze', 'Silver' and 'Gold'.
  • Below mentioned is the badge allocation criteria:
    • - If your points fall between 5,000 and 9,999 (inclusive of both), you will be entitled to receive a Bronze badge
    • - If your points fall between 10,000 and 14,999 (inclusive of both), you will be entitled to receive a Silver badge
    • - Once you obtain 15,000 points, you will be entitled to receive a Gold badge
  • Once you obtain the required points, the respective badge will be added to your profile.
  • Your points will win you rewards! An amazing giveaway to be awarded to the member with the highest points. If you fall behind in the point race once, don't worry, as we will be awarding the giveaways on a monthly basis.

So hurry, an exciting giveaway is just a few points away!

Points will be allocated with effect from 19/11/2018. Any point attainment parameter fulfilled prior to the said date will not be taken into consideration.

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