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LUMIX Stories | Ben Grunow in Grindelwald 4K


Ben Grunow:

I was born in Grindelwald. It’s my hometown. My father lives here, my family’s here. It’s kind of inspired me to be a photographer. I’ve always wanted to share the beauty of it with everybody. And that’s why I started taking landscape photos, was I was always in these really cool places. And I really wanted to share the experience with everybody, and I wanted to show people what I saw with my eyes.

Well, at the moment, we’ve got a lot of fog rolling through these beautiful hills. But the clouds will clear at some point, it’s just the matter of how much time we want to wait. Poof, voila. It finally cleared through. It was great. Weather is always an issue, and you can’t control the weather. I’m always trying to seek out a remote place. I truly like to find a place that’s untouched and uncivilized, so to say. It’s unbelievable how lightweight the camera systems are. I mean, in my bag I’ve got two camera bodies, eight lenses, lightweight is very important, because every single ounce you carry is how much further you can go.

Sometimes, the tripod isn’t always handy, so with Dual IS you can hand-held exposures even up to a second. And you’re still gonna get a clean, tight, sharp image. Definitely made some friends here! We got the beautiful Eiger right here who’s finally shown her face. And look at those beautiful wispy clouds on top! I’ve been shooting with the 8-18, it’s a new lens from LUMIX. It’s definitely a good go-to lens for all landscapes. It happens to be my favorite lens that I’ve ever shot with, for sure. Well, this pond was supposed to be filled with water, and I was hoping to get some reflection shots. And instead, we’ve got a dried up pond with a little bit of water in it, and tons of crackly dried up silt, which looks really cool. I do a little bit of exposure blending, and I auto-bracket everything in the camera. And it’s nice to have it at my fingertips. So cool.

My advice for people that want to shoot landscapes is, you know, first of all pack light. Second of all, get somewhere where nobody is, you know? And shoot wide. Shoot super wide. And I mean, not always, but it’s a good place to start. I don’t know what I would do with a different camera up here. I mean, I used to carry around a lot of different accessories for my cameras to do what I wanted them to do. But nowadays everything’s built right into this LUMIX camera.

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