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The winters are here and the holiday season is approaching fast. The feeling of cozy blankets and warm food is surreal and no one wants to leave the bed in the morning but those who do, are welcomed with beautiful sights around them like the steam of Chai dripping from the kettle to the glasses of old men, their laughter and debates around politics and cricket and much more.

Winter is also synonym for Christmas & New Year and with it comes the holiday & gifting season and what would be a better gift than a camera that captures the warmth of feelings at this time. Lumix G95 is the latest offering from the house of Panasonic and is one gift that will bring smile to the face of your loved ones. The mirrorless 4K camera comes with a Vlog-L mode that helps you express yourself in the most creative way.

So this Christmas when your children drop their wishes in a sock and wait for their Santa to come and grant their wishes, Panasonic is giving you a chance to be the Santa and fulfill the wishes of your children by offering its entire range of products on discount till 31st December. The G95 for example, comes with a dual image stabilization 2.0 and Venus engine that captures the celebrations in utmost clarity and in 4K resolution.

If you already own one, you can take your camera to different churches, capture the festive vibe and share it with your loved ones while also displaying your video making skills. A Panasonic Lumix Camera is not the only thing you get when you buy it, you also get a lifetime membership to attend free workshops. Panasonic Lumix has partnered with Industry experts to teach you the latest trends in photography and videography, this has no cost involved and happens frequently every month.

Another lovely reason why we love winters is snowfall, if you are experiencing it in your city you can capture the nature’s magic, if not, make use of these holidays and head to the mountains with your Lumix G95 and capture the serene snow clad views, top it with the chance to ski for ski lovers. If you love holidays, make the most of them with Panasonic Lumix.

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