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Not able to attend regular photography class? Here are other alternatives.


Photography as a medium for creative expression has gained unprecedented popularity in the recent times. The rise in smart-phone capabilities and availability of a wide variety of cameras has allowed many people to take up photography as an art form. For some people, photography is still a passionate hobby, while some have managed to carve out a successful career in the field. But contrary to popular belief, photography doesn’t have to be an expensive hobby that requires attending a regular photography class. Here are a few alternatives to regular photography classes for people who want to learn photography but don’t know where and how to start.

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Credits - Nanda Wardhana

1. Understand your camera

To master the craft, one needs to understand the tools. When it comes to your camera, it’s really important to understand the right model that suits your needs. Your camera manual could be a great place to start if you have the time to go through it, but you can always count on Google to help you understand the different aspects of owning and using your camera.

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2. Online tutorials

Nowadays internet can be put to better use than just searching for “photography classes near me” as many photographers and channels provide a range of free online photography classes to help you understand the basics. Different people have different styles unique to themselves which can help you understand various aspects of photography. From camera functions, lighting setups to compositional tips and more.

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3. Get a mentor or apprenticeship

Getting the right mentors or an apprenticeship can be a great way to understand the nitty-gritties of photography while adding to your professional experience and portfolio. You not only get a chance to work with people from the field, but also gain an insight on how the industry functions. It’s important to make sure you reach out to the right people who can help you learn and grow in your journey.

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4. Signup for workshops

During the lockdown, we have seen many photographers host online photography workshops covering different topics related, like wedding, portrait, drone, vlogging etc. These workshops not only give you a technical understanding of the discipline, but also provide you a peek into the hosts’ invaluable experiences as photographers.

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Credits - Aakash Malhotra

5. Join Photography Clubs and Forums

Photographers love to discuss their craft on online forums and communities which can be a great medium for sharing knowledge. You can find people with varied experiences and backgrounds talking passionately about their work, new trends and developments in the world of photography. It’s a great way to meet like-minded people with whom you can collaborate on projects, photoshoots and photowalks. Being a part of such a community helps you learn tips, tricks and personalized hacks that can have a lasting impact on your skills.

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Credits - Ankita Kumar and Ameen

6. Practice your craft

There is no such thing as a perfect photograph. It takes dedication, hard work and patience to slowly get better at your craft. It’s important to stay inspired and try clicking as many pictures as you can, whenever you can. Every shot, every frame and every click will teach you to get better that composing your shots while making mistakes will help you learn and grow.

7. Put your work out there

Creating a social media handle where you publish your work can be a great way to invite constructive feedback on your work. This will help you analyse your work from a different perspective and understand the areas where you might need work. Showcasing your work to the public will also help you build your confidence and take more pride in your work.

The internet has opened so many different ways to learn, understand and excel in photography without enrolling for expensive photography classes. Now all you need is a camera and your passion to capture stunning shots.

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