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Online photography classes - a savior in tiring times


The past few months have been monotonous for everyone sitting at home and nobody knew what to do about it when the lockdown started. People started spending most of their time binge-watching web shows on Netflix or Amazon prime during these past few months, but a lot of people have also focused on learning new things like cooking and other household chores. Not only this, but people have also looked for opportunities to learn and take up online courses in their own respective industries and likewise a lot of people have been searching for online photography classes on Google.

These are trying times for both brands and photography enthusiasts, the community therefore has come together to overcome this period to learn photography online. The workshops that used to happen in the physical locations earlier havenow moved on to the online platforms like Instagram Live and other online platforms.

Panasonic Lumix has always believed that the learning should not stop for their customers no matter what and our photography community Panasonic4kImagingClub has not stopped providing the knowledge to their users even during the lockdown period. Lumixphotography schoolmoved from physical locations to Microsoft Teams. In addition to this, we also made a functionality on our website to keep people updated about the various online workshops at all times,details of the webinars that happen and when they happen are updated on a regular basisso that they can register themselves online and they can get the joining links for the webinars automatically.

The great thing about the Lumix community is that just before the lockdown, we added new DOPs also known as Lumix Luminaries to our team who would be the new mentors to our customers, who would help them to learn new techniques, share new tips and tricks, and handhold them throughout their photography journey. Therefore, for Lumix, this was not only online photography classes but a medium to connect with our customers on regular basis and to keep this interaction two way, we took these sessions on Microsoft Teams so that the customers can ask their queries and get answers at the same time.

We wanted people to learn photography online, so we started the webinars in the month of June,which continues till this day. These webinars happen mostly between 4-6pm on prescheduled dates with industry experts.

To give you a better idea, below are the topics of the webinars that we organized for our audienceduring this lockdown and the road ahead:

  1. 19th June: Use of multiple exposure in wedding photography by Mr. Sandeep Holla

  2. 20th June: Food photography in low light by Mr. Kshitij Sheetak & Kabeer Lal

  3. 21st June: Doing live with through Panasonic cameras by Mr. Karthik Rajagopalan

  4. 26th June: Pre-wedding photography in natural Light by Mr. Niklesh Malkani

  5. 27th June: Shooting short films by Mr. Kshitij Sheetak

  6. 3rd July: How to capture emotion in weddings by Mr. Vivek Gowda

  7. 4th July: Wedding photography by Mr. Niklesh Malkani

  8. 10th July: Understanding cinematography in Lumix cameras by Mr. Vijay Armstrong

  9. 11th July: Pre-wedding photography by Mr. Rombish Pathak

  10. 15th July: Miniature photography by Mr. Neeraj Vishwakarma

  11. 17th July: Travel photography by Mr. Jassi Oberai

  12. 18th July: Wedding photography with minimal equipment by Mr. Karthik Rajagopalan

  13. 21st July: Fashion Photography by Mr. Vicky Maker

  14. 24th July: Shooting and editing bride and groom portraits by Mr. Sandeep Holla

  15. 25th July: Art of production design by Mr.Kshitij Sheetak

  16. 31st July: Shooting portraits live by Mr. Neeraj Vishwakarma

  17. 7th Aug: Capturing pre-wedding functions by Mr. Parikshit Suri

  18. 8th Aug: How to achieve cinematic look by Mr. Lakshay Khanduri

  19. 12th Aug: Choosing gear for shooting YouTube videos by Karthik Rajagopalan

  20. 14th Aug: Music video production by Mr. Kshitij Sheetak & Mr. Rombish Pathak

  21. 21st Aug: Wedding photography by Mr. Jayant Chhabra

  22. 22nd Aug: Capturing mouthwatering food videos by Mr. Anudeep Reddy Mannem

  23. 26th Aug: Shooting amazing time lapse by Mr. Anurag Jetly

  24. 28th Aug: Fashion photography by Mr. Arghya Chatterjee

  25. 29th Aug: Travel videography by Mr. Kshitij Sheetak

When it comes to online photography classes, we are just getting started, a lot more is coming your way if you own a Lumix camera and is a part of the Lumix family.

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