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Panasonic 4K Imaging Workshop Delhi Pro Centre – Delhi


Photography Genres Covered:

Enter the world of Panasonic 4K imaging and experience the cinematography in a new avatar with the Panasonic LUMIX GH5. Learn how to shoot & edit videos and photos with the help of various features of LUMIX GH5. Explore the capabilities such as 180 fps extreme slow motion, PC tethering, facial tracking and you will master the art of Photography & Videography

Topics covered-

Introduction to Micro 4/3rd Sensors and 4K Imaging technology

Introduction to GH5

Salient Features for Photography

Video Workflow enhancements

Generic Video Features of GH5

Additional Video Features of GH5

Expansion Capabilities and Editing with GH5

Content Shot on GH5

Practical Demonstration and Editing 4K Content

Mentor :  Official Panasonic 4k




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