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Photography and The New Normal


A lot have been predicted and discussed about “The New Normal” and with the pandemic still on a rise photographers will also have to prepare with the same. Every industry has been hit on different levels, and photography being one of them has a lot of do’s and don’ts to follow for photographers all over the world. Here are a few ‘new normal habits’ one has to be ready with:

  • No going out in public:

    Now is not the time to wander around photographing crowds. If you must, make use of drones in cases of an unavoidable event, likely for that of a photojournalist, in this case you should also opt for longer lens.
  • photography tips for journalist in pandemic
  • No sharing of equipment:

    Avoid handing off equipment owing to the fact that viruses live on surfaces for long period of time.
  • No ignoring clients:

    we are all in this together and so are your clients, don’t stress them out by ignoring them, stay in regular touch so as to figure out the best way to make things work.
  • Maintain social distancing:

    While the world is working from home to maintain distance, you can too by finding projects that do not require going out.
  • Clean your gear:

    Now is the time to clean your gears more often, if and when you go out for shoot after sometime you have to make sure you clean your equipment whenever you get time wherever you are. Check your camera brand’s website to see what they recommend.
  • Tips to clean camera gears
    how to clean camera gears
    how to clean mirrorless camera lense
  • Tally Finances:

    With gigs getting cancelled you will have to withhold some new purchases, try to supplement income and put some long term plans into action. Collecting your deposit and updating contracts is something you can start with.
  • Smart Shooting:

    If and when the situation arises, carry a thermometer, mask, hand gloves for safety. safe way to do photography in pendamic Irrespective of when the businesses open up, things will not be the same, so most importantly, besides all the above, keep yourself healthy. You may have to add new services and make some compromise but as long as you are prepared you will make it through this and ace “The New Normal” seamlessly.

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