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Captured in Pusztaszer, Hungary, pelicans also known as the eastern pelican and rosy pelican. It breeds from southeastern Europe in swamps and shallow lakes. They were beautifully captured using Lumix GH4, the live MOS sensor and the venus engine of the GH4 together provides noise suppression, higher resolution and improved color reproduction, resulting these beautiful birds getting captured with uber perfection.

On the strength of his achievements at the international competition 'BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year' Bence Mate has been the most successful competitor in the past 59 years.
In 2010 he was the youngest ever to be chosen as the 'Wildlife Photographer of the Year' by the BBC. In the same year the English translation of his book, 'The Invisible Wildlife Photographer', was published which was sponsored by Panasonic. The book gives us an insight into the secrets of wildlife photography.
Since 2006 he has been testing Panasonic's latest cameras in extreme conditions, in several remote parts of the world, like Costa Rica, Brazil, Norway, Hungary, or Africa.
At the moment he works as a freelance action-photographer, and he runs wildlife photo tours to his special hides equipped with one-way glass, where birds can be observed at any time of the day without being disturbed.

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