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Griffin Hammond


Short Description of Shooting Project

Inspired by beautiful ice blocks used by New York City bartenders, I wanted to understand how crystal clear cocktail ice cubes are created. Shooting in 4K, the Panasonic GH5 perfectly captures the gorgeous close-up details of carved ice. But this story also features chisels and chainsaws—ice flakes spraying through the air. To capture all of this fine detail with minimal motion blur, I need a higher framerate. 60p recording captures twice as much information, reducing judder in my pans and jib shots. And with double the shutter speed, each frame is clearer. Whether played back at full speed or in slow motion, 4K60p lets me immerse my audience in much more visual detail. The GH5 is the perfect camera for this film.

GH5 Hands-on Impression

Keeping all the great features I’ve relied on with my Panasonic GH4—like focus peaking and time lapse—the addition of in-body image stabilization to the GH5 a game changer. My favorite prime lenses without O.I.S. no longer jitter in handheld shots! I’m really pleased with the image detail off the camera, using the built-in color profiles, especially in 4K60p. And because I prefer wide shots, I love that 4K now captures the full sensor size. As a documentary filmmaker, I appreciate that the GH5 retains an unobtrusive, compact size, while managing to add full-size HDMI and dual SD card slots.

Documentary Filmmaker

Griffin Hammond is a documentary filmmaker in New York City, covering politics for Bloomberg Television. He filmed his award-winning documentary Sriracha on the Panasonic GH3, and captured the drama of the U.S. presidential election on his Panasonic GH4.

Griffin’s work has been screened on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, and Showtime—and he shares DIY filmmaking tutorials and behind-the-scenes videos with his 57,000 YouTube subscribers. Griffin studied film at New York University, earned a Masters in Communication from Illinois State University, and produced an online course—Shooting Documentary Short Films.

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