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Karthik Rajagopal


Karthik Rajagopal is a professional wedding photographer and filmmaker from Chennai, India. An engineer graduate by profession, he found a keen interest in photography and started to narrate stories through his visuals. What started as a hobby in the year 2005 caught up as a serious passion and slowly, photography has come to become a part of his life.

It is true how they say that the art is an extension of the artist. Karthik's work expresses his love for freezing moments of people in all their glory and you get to experience the depth of the emotions portrayed through his photographs. His photography is narrative by nature and they often convey a story told through the photographer's eye.

To give a brief about his work, he has completed over 200 wedding shoots in the last 5 years apart from shooting portraiture, product photographs and working on a few documentary films.

Armed with a strong foundation of knowledge concepts of photography, lighting and camera, he uses his time to conduct workshops both online and offline. He is also a passionate youtuber and has done a couple of videos where he talks about photography and filmmaking in his channel @hornbillstudios.

He is known to be very friendly with his clients so if you would like to book him for a shoot, you can reach him here - karthik@tryangle.in/ 9787718765

Instagram: @karthikrajagopaal , @tryanglephotography , @hornbillstudios

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