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“”Beyond The Grid” is our thoughts behind the value in reconnecting with nature. We live in the Pacific Northwest and beautiful landscapes are around every corner. It's never something we are ever too far removed from here. Day to day life in the modern world can cause us to forget the natural beauty that is all around us. Unplugging for a while can be rejuvenating and bring a sense of unity, not only with our planet, but with each other.”

“The story of a blogger receiving an assignment to find a good “New Year's Resolution”, seemed like a logical scenario for this kind of realization. She lives and works in Seattle and decides to travel outside of her comfort zone to find something fresh to write about. We wanted to tell this story because it's important to us, in our own day to day lives.”

Neumann Films is a production company located in the Pacific Northwest. With over 110,000 subscribers, their YouTube channel is known for producing high quality visual content. Their broad range showcases a passion for both narrative and travel/documentary work.

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