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"Pembrokeshire, Wales. A little corner of the globe that has stunning beaches and rolling countryside. It’s an amazing place to live. With castles scattered around the county, it gives photographers so many options. I chose to shoot with the LUMIX GH5 in Pembrokeshire, because I have so many resources on my doorstep."

“My studio and the option to explore the beautiful surrounding area. Sometimes it’s nice to get away from the city vibe and breath in that pure open space. I also really wanted to show off the 6K PHOTO* benefits of the LUMIX GH5 and being able to shoot in my studio then change to going out on location was a breeze. I also wanted to see how the LUMIX GH5 would perform in different environments. Rain, Sand and Studio. I wasn’t disappointed."

Ross Grieve, New Zealand born photographer has been mastering his art for over 20 years. Ross now resides in the beautiful rolling countryside of Pembrokeshire in Wales. An accomplished photographer who has won many awards including UK Pet Photographer and Welsh Master Fashion & Portrait Photographer, he has travelled to far flung parts on the world on assignment including the Maldives, Ras Al Khaimah, Japan, Sweden and Australia.

Since becoming Ambassador for Panasonic, he has won yet more awards, and is leading the way in 4K & 6K Photography. Ross’ fun filled, action packed photograph of a water fight included his three children who have since become the face of the GH4 campaign in Europe. Ross is a passionate street photographer and with the expertise of Lumix.

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