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Sandeep Holla


Sandeep Holla is an international award winning wedding photographer who specializes in Wedding, Portraits, Fashion, Wildlife & Nature photography.

The heart and soul of Holla’s Photography; he is also the co- founder of Blink Films with his cinematographer partner Vivek Gowda.

Sandeep’s uniqueness lies in story telling through his photographs where he strongly believes that a picture can speak more than a thousand words. This very concept has won him several international accolades and awards to be precise.

He is the youngest Indian to win 16 Weddison awards - A feat that is a dream for thousands of established photographers!

He is also No.1 Wedding Photographer in India according to Wedisson.com.

He also specializes in couple portraiture.

He is the winner of this year's Bride and Groom Portraiture catagory in 'Better Photography- Wedding Photographer of the year 2019-20', where 19,000 Photographers participate and this is the biggest wedding photography competition in India.

He has the experience in photographing weddings throughout the country.

Over the past several years, In Wildlife photography, he has the experience of photographing rarest snakes on the planet like Albino Cobra and King Cobras.

His love for Nature and Humanity is what made him chose both weddings and Wildlife as his career.

A keen traveller, he believes that everyday is a new day; a new learning experience. He and his partner are mentors for Panasonic Lumix cameras.

Never an end to photography he says.

If you want to book him for a shoot, you may reach him here: 9591218486/ blinkfilmsindia@gmail.com

Instagram: @hollasphotography

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